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How to Protect Yourself from Blame at Work

How to Protect Yourself from Blame at Work PhotoSad to say, gossips and dramas, are inherent in almost any workplace. Sometimes, you may even find yourself involved in such situations no matter how you try to stay away from it.  A colleague may try to get away with his/her deficiency by putting the blame on others.

It is essential that you are equipped with the proper knowledge on how you can defend yourself when you are the target of such action.

Work diligently

Make sure to act promptly on the task you are assigned to. Give your best and finish your task. However, do not be stressed by forcing to do it perfectly. As long as you give it your best shot and finish it on time. In this way, there will be lesser room for disputes arise.

Offer help if you can

Make sure that you have completed what you need to accomplish before you offer your help to others. Never compromise your own responsibility for the sake of helping others. Help in small ways you can.

Show your good side but don’t overdo

Be kind to everyone but not to the point of exaggeration. Express your good side in a realistic manner. Remain honest in every way possible. Do not cheat nor despise your colleagues.

Accept your mistake

Apologize for any shortcoming you have done. Tell your boss directly about it, make plans to compensate for it tell that it will not occur again.

Sometimes if, you sense that a co-worker is plotting to put the blame on you, telling or apologizing to your boss ahead can make a massive difference.

Be happy with your job

A positive attitude can radiate to others. If your co- workers sense that you are a happy with what you are doing, they will probably feel good also to have you around.

Know your duties and responsibilities

Secure a copy of your job description and place it within your reach. Make sure to fulfill what is expected of you. If someone blames you of a task left undone, you can present your job description to defend yourself.

Provide basic reminders to your colleagues

This is probably of foremost importance, especially if completing your task depends on your colleague, to complete his/her first. Provide clear notice or email your reminder ahead of the deadline. This will serve as a good proof that you are doing your part to get the job done.

Be calm

If a coworker is pinning you down for a task unfulfilled, just be calm and allow them to speak and lay their cards. Then evaluate what they have said and present your evidences to defend yourself of the accusation.

Gather willing witnesses

A witness can help you defend yourself. However, avoid involving too many individuals especially if you can handle the issue by yourself.

Stay positive and don’t be upset

Never allow false accusation to overwhelm you. The truth will always come out.

Office dramas can be highly annoying. However, if you fulfill your duties well enough, pointless blames can never put you down.

  • http://blazingminds.co.uk Karen Woodham @ Blazing Minds

    I work for myself and blame myself all the time :lol: seriously though, with these nuggets of advice, those that do work for those awkward bosses or colleagues that just like to point the finger of blame, will have something to watch out for ;)