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How to Purchase Real Estate with No Down Payment

How to Purchase Real Estate with No Down Payment PhotoGenerally, mortgage lenders will require individuals who are interested to acquire a real estate an initial 10 or 20 percent down payment. This means a lot of money and financial difficulty which can be too much to overcome.

Most people often find purchasing a home very challenging especially if they have to deal with giving huge down payments right from the start.

However, there are still mortgage lenders who are willing to take the risk of granting you a real estate loan without any down payment.

Widen Up Your Search

Consider calling several mortgage lenders to check if they offer a zero down payment policy when applying for a home loan.

Though it is usual that most of them do not grant such, some mortgage lenders do have different policies on this. A zero down payment home loan is usually granted if a customer has a stable income source, with low debts and has a high credit score.

You can also match up with mortgage lenders who are not based in your area but are licensed to operate in your place.

Provide All Relevant Papers

In order to provide proof to a mortgage lender that you have a stable income over a reasonable period, they will require you to present several supporting papers. These include your present earning tax return, your current paychecks as well as checking account and bank saving statements.

These are documents are relevant for the lender to make sure that you have a stable and high monthly income and lower liabilities, which will then compensate with the zero down payment that they will grant.

The employer’s statement

Your employer’s statement is also relevant in this process. Get a signed statement from your employer which states the length of your service to the company and the duration of time you have held your position.

Also ask for a statement of your yearly salary included in such will also provide a reliable proof to the mortgage provider that you have a stable and steady source of income.

Evaluation of income

Allow your lender to evaluate your flow of income. Send your mortgage lender a copy of your relevant employment papers. With this they will be able to check and verify your employment record and income levels.

This step is essential to convince them to grant you a zero down payment real estate or home loan.

Credit scores examination

A good credit score is also important in order for you to be granted of a no down payment home or real estate loan. Thus, allow your mortgage lender to examine your credit score.

A three digit credit score usually serves as their basis in granting this type of loan. A seven hundred fifty or higher credit score will be enough to convince a lender that you have an extensive record of paying on time.

With all these factors present, a mortgage lender will eventually grant you a zero down payment home loan in no time.