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How to Quit Your Job

How to Quit Your Job Photo


Do you feel like your job isn’t fit for you? Are you thinking that your boss isn’t worth your effort? Or do feel like your colleagues aren’t treating you well? Then quitting your job is the answer to all your miseries. However, most employees who quitted a job in an ugly manner also faced unpleasant feedbacks from their employers. It then made it more challenging for them to get a new one.

Of course we don’t want to receive such bad feedbacks, thus resigning in a proper way is what we need to know. Indeed there is a right process to resign without having to deal with mad employees. You can’t just simply step out and never show up in the next days.

Weigh the pros and cons

Before you make the final decision, you should first weigh the pros and cons of it. Is resigning going to help you? Will it benefit you in some way? If so, then maybe it’s the right thing to do. However, if you will only resign because your boss got mad at you and you happen to over think things, is a very lame reason. Making the decision prematurely usually won’t do well thus think over things repeatedly to ensure that you won’t experience job dilemmas in the future.

Advance resignation letter

You don’t submit a resignation letter on the same day that you resign. A week or two in advance is the advisable. Even a month before is great. Keep in mind that no matter how mad you are at your boss, or at the company in general, still it’s improper to disrespect them. And you should know that submitting an on the spot resignation letter is a form of disrespect. If you don’t want to have a bad feedback, give them an early notice and an ample time to look for a replacement.

Finish your project

If you’re a web designer for example, it’s polite to resign and leave a job right after you finish your latest project. Be sure that the outcome is not next to trash and it should still have the same quality as your previous assignments. If you can’t finish it, then just help the company look for your replacement. This is to show them that you’re sincere and that you’re one good employee.

Talk to your boss

Aside from submitting a resignation letter, it’s also polite and likable to talk to your boss personally. Thank him for all the lessons he taught you and for the patience he gave. It’s not easy to handle tons of employers, thus it’s just right to thank your boss before you leave. This is also the right time to say all your concerns that you didn’t mention in your resignation letter, just ensure to say it in a proper manner.


Take note that these are two important steps when quitting a job, thus skipping one or both will only give you the feedback you don’t want to receive.

So, whether you are resigning from a job because you hate the company or you don’t feel like working there anymore, never fear to talk about your concerns upon submitting a resignation letter. It would be a more professional way than just turning your back on them.