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How to Raise Money for Charity

Maybe you haven’t done something good for quite some time. Or you ate the chocolate cake of your office mate you saw on the fridge. Or you did not brush your teeth for a week. Or for whatever reason there is that you’ve decided to do some good to others.

You can just give your whole salary to help a charitable foundation but we know that won’t be enough, so you’ve decided to drag other people in.

Here are some tips to help you raise money for your favorite charity. (This is the site’s contribution to your cause. You can thank us later.)

[Insert anything]-thon

Decathlon, walkathon – plan activities that will get you a number of participants to join. Ask for a sponsor to match the number of participants with equivalent charity money. For running events you can ask a definite amount of money for every one kilometer finished by each participant.

You made everyone healthy through exercise and you got them to help you raise funds.

Fundraising tournaments

Confer with sporty friends and acquaintances to host a sports tourney. OR even better, get some of your favorite TV stars to do the job for you.

Ask them if they would like to participate in a charity event, let’s say basketball. If you can promote and publicize the event, it’ll be huge. You can ask for more donations from the viewers.

If you’re really great that you managed to get more sponsors, you can ask them to donate money for every shot made by the players.

Kind of wishful thinking, but it’s worth a try.

Online charity

Online charities have been of great help to donors and to beneficiaries as well. It’s like an online piggy bank where everyone can drop their donations, and any foundation that needs help can get from it.

It saves individuals from hopping from one place to another, looking for charities to help.

There are also options to make your own fundraising event. Charity websites allow you to design your own event and then generates a link for you to share to everyone.

Credit card donations make it also easier for donors to give their share anytime they want to. Processing fees are also lower compared to real-world banking services.

Manual solicitation

The traditional way to gather funds. Write a letter stating your honest intentions of helping a charitable institution.

Do not fret that people might just ignore you and not give you anything. The fact is, of the $217.79 billion USD donated for charity last 2011, 73% came from individuals (American Association of Fundraising Counsel).

Go forth and distribute it to friends, not friends and all throughout the neighborhood.

Social media

Use the power of social media. Spread the word that you’re helping a charity and convince them it would be way better if they can also contribute in the cause.

Post charity ads as your status on Facebook or tweet it every day to gather attention. Encourage your friends to at least promote the cause.

There certainly will be good souls that will give their piece of meat.

Local businesses

For all their intimidating and seemingly apathetic nature, they are more than willing to dole out something for charitable events.

Send them a letter or better yet, bring it personally to their office to ask for assistance. You’ll be surprised what they can give especially if the charity or foundation is a well-known and established one.

If you’re after the large companies, you can even ask them to match the fund you’ve already raised, doubling the money you have.

Just be confident in asking. It won’t hurt anyways.

You can always add the “for the benefit of [insert foundation/group here]” line in any event you know to make it a charitable activity. Just be creative and follow your heart.