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How to Raise Self Awareness

How to Raise Self Awareness PhotoFor most people, self awareness is simply being aware of one’s actions. On the contrary, it is all about understanding your actions, thoughts, emotions, as well as interpersonal connections. If you have low self awareness, chances are, you will be misunderstood. You will also have difficulties in making other understand you because you, yourself cannot do it. That is why it’s highly beneficial to learn how you can raise your self awareness.

Know your strengths and weaknesses

The initial step towards knowing yourself better is to discover your strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge will also help you gain a deeper understanding in life. You can start listing all the factors that can make you weak and all the factors that can make you strong.

This list will allow you to see what things can motivate you. Motivation is a vital factor in every learning process.

Cherish your individuality

The next step is to learn how to cherish your individuality – your uniqueness. Acknowledge the fact that every individual is unique; thus, every individual has a different purpose in life. With this thought in your mind and heart, raising self awareness will be easier. Sooner than you think, you’re already aware of what’s happening around you and what your reactions are regarding it.

Once you notice it, consider it as a sign of improvement.

Assess your personality

Personality assessment is a fundamental part when it comes to self awareness. List down different instances in your life such as being bullied, being scolded by your mom, or even being copied by others. Afterwards write down and describe how you reacted on these instances.

Through this, you will have a deeper understanding on your personality. You will know which instances annoy you and which instances can make you happy. It will also help you determine the characteristics of the people who can be your best friends.

Listen to your inner voice

Every time you do something, you sometimes notice a thought that will ask “is this right?” Or “should I really do it?” This is called the inner voice. Sometimes, paying attention to it can majorly help in increasing self awareness. It can be practiced by having a regular self reflection session. This is where you sit back and ask you’re what you want to achieve today.

Through this, you’re encouraging your inner voice to speak louder.

Get others involved

Last step is to have your friends and family involved in the learning process. Although this is all about self awareness, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to do it all alone. Ask others to tell you about how you reacted in something. Sometimes, it’s difficult to know how you are reacting, especially if the emotional level is too high.

Being profoundly aware on every aspect of you can be the key towards success. It helps you gain better control on your emotions, thoughts and interpersonal connection. Despite the fact that learning can be a challenge, following the aforementioned tips is surely worth it.