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How to Recycle a Cell Phone

How to Recycle a Cell Phone PhotoTo minimize electronic waste, it is better if there’s a proper and creative way of handling used Cell Phones. These wastes give an exceptional serious potential of harming the environmentIt can also be the source of electronic radiations.

So, here are some creative ways to recycle a cell phone:

Consider it as part of your valued property

For sure, you did not pick it up for any reason. During the time you bought it, it was one of the best items that caught your attention, that’s why it is with you for a couple of months. Do not consider it as a fashionable item that should be replaced with the latest trend.

Use it as your extended line at home

While away from home, it is beneficial to be updated with what’s going on in your home. Providing a link for yourself and your home, will not be a problem if your old cell phone is available.

Convert it into a web or hidden camera

An old cell phone with a camera can easily be converted into a webcam or a hidden camera, to spot intruders or any uninvited guests to your home. Especially that nowadays, a lot of criminals are becoming tricky, but it has no match with you if you see all angles of your house by using your old cell phone(s) as hidden cameras.

Simple queries from friends online will help this become possible.

Tool for additional battery chargers

Sometimes, all of a sudden, your new cell phone’s battery charger malfunctions. Your old phone can be a good battery charger, and all you need is a reducer or an enlarger cord.

Modify it as an object for your artwork

If your creative thinking is switched, a masterpiece is developed.

Study tool for kids at school or home

Many children were not able to see the old model cell phones. If one of it is saved for education, it will serve the best purpose.

Deposit your cell phones to a drop box

If your community has an electronic drop box, you can deposit it and give others the chance to acquire a cell phone. It may be reconditioned, but id does not matter because not everyone can afford modern cell phones. There are still some friends who do not own one. Give them a chance to be a recipient.

Just make sure that before depositing a phone for recycling or reuse, diminish all of your personal data and make sure it can’t be used to access your wireless account. Remember, a cell phone can hold data indefinitely, even when the battery is dead.

Repurpose it into a car remote start

This method can be learned with the availability of the internet technology

Try using it as mobile mouse

You can use your old Android Smartphone and even an iPhone as a mobile mouse, keyboard wireless, remote, or a track pad.

Being aware of the current status of the environment makes it easier to look for a solution that is beneficial to everybody. And with the mentioned steps above, you can surely contribute to the conservation of the planet.