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How to Recycle at Work

How to Recycle at Work PhotoRecycling in the office can be quite challenging as compared to recycling at home, as there are much more people as well as other variables to consider. However, with these tried and tested tips, you can ensure that you can save both energy and resources in the workplace while still being able to help preserve the environment.

Use fast draft black and white when printing

When printing, opt to use fast draft settings in order to save up on ink. You can also save up on colored ink by using grayscale settings, unless your printing requirements do dictate high resolution or colored printouts. This practice can save over half of your ink consumption, as well as costs in the long run.

Use scrap paper

Implement a policy where in both sides of the paper is utilized. However, make sure that these documents are of the non-confidential variety before putting them to use for this purpose. The other side of a printed paper can be printed on again, or used as scratch paper, cutting your paper consumption by half.

Shred used paper

Shredding serves as a dual purpose as it can both be recycled as well as used for packing materials. Shred paper that are confidential or have already been used on both sides. Keep the shredded material in a cool dry place until such time that they can be used for packing or shipped to the recycling plant.

You can also shred old magazines or newsletters, or have them shipped for recycling as it is.

Go paperless

Unless signatories need to signed physical documents, opt to circulate memorandums or other correspondences electronically. Sending messages via email is much more efficient than lugging around papers for everyone to read, and it also saves up on costs both with regards to paper as well as manpower.

Stock the kitchen with silverware

Having cheap plastic or ceramic plates in the pantry as well as spoons, forks, and glasses will save the workplace a lot of costs as they would no longer have to purchase plastic cups or plates. These items are often durable and can last for many years before needing to be replaced.

Following these tips would not only help you recycle at work, but it would also help you lower expenses in the office. Every one must do their part in saving and preserving the environment, and it is something that we must consider even in the workplace.