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How to Recycle Glass

How to Recycle Glass PhotoGlass to glass recycling is one of the most effective ways to save the environment and save energy. In fact, for every 10% recycled glass used to make new glass containers, energy costs drop by 2-3%.

How much more energy could be saved if more people choose to recycle glass? It’s not that hard at all. You only need to follow these 5 steps on how to recycle glass.

Make sure all of them can be recycled

Glass is perfectly recyclable if found in the form of bottles. But just because an object is made up of glass, doesn’t mean it can be recycled as well. Glass bottles, glass jars, table/wine glasses and even optical glasses are all recyclable. Meanwhile, window panes, light bulbs and lead lights are not.

If you’re sorting through your waste and you decide whether an item can be recycled or not, you can give the recycling company a call. Or, you can check this list.

Sort them out by type

After getting the recyclable glass, sort them out by color. You can also sort them by size, or by the type. For example, all clear white bottles would be in one bag, and then green bottles in the other, and so on. This way, the people at the recycling company won’t need to spend time sorting out the materials.

Clean the bottles

Next, it’s time to clean the bottles. A little soap and water is enough. Be careful when cleaning glass bottles, especially when handling them with soapy hands. If you want to remove the labels on the glasses, do so. That would be a terrific help as well to the recycling company.

Turn them into something useful

After you’ve cleaned the bottles out and dried them, now it’s time to squeeze your creative juices. Think of ways you can reuse these bottles for your house. You can use them as plant vases, or pen holders, or even gifts for friends. Reusing these bottles is another brilliant idea aside from recycling.

There are thousands of sites in the internet that can give you ideas on how to reuse your glass bottles. You check these acclaimed articles in Pinterest, The Secret Yumiverse, and Indie Crafts.

Call or visit the recycling company

When you’re done sorting and cleaning, you can now call the local recycling company to pick up your bottles. Or, you can always drop them off yourself, and maybe they could give you more information on the wonders of glass recycling.

There are tons of recyclable materials out there that are waiting to be reused. Before you turn them to the recycling company, tune in to your creativity and see if you can transform waste into gifts or works of art. If not, donate them to someone you know who is filled with ideas. This way, you’re not just cleaning the environment, but you’re also helping to create art. If you still need to be convinced, check this article by the Glass Packaging Institute on why you should recycle glass.