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How to Recycle Office Supplies

How to Recycle Office Supplies PhotoAre you working in an office? Do you often get projects to deal with every now and then? Perhaps you’re also facing a cluttered office desk.

It may sound shallow, but a cluttered desk is something that irritates most office workers. Not that, they don’t have enough space to work on but more to that, all these papers and folders symbolize the workload they have.

Aside from stacking your cubicle with drawers and storage boxes, another great idea to de-clutter would be to recycle.

Break the paper chain

Instead of printing and printing, better ask yourself first if you actually need a hard copy. If you want to ensure that you have a backup copy of every document, it’s wise to use a USB flash drive instead.

On the contrary, if you want to print a temporary document, you can double use a bond paper by printing on the clean side instead of getting a new one. This is a stress to those informal documents that don’t call for urgent printing.

Initiate an office recycling program

Another great way to recycle office supplies would be to initiate an office recycling program. This way, you have a team that can deal with all the recycling work and it’s not only you who’s doing the go-green responsibility.

This is also a perfect way to gain more ideas from your co-workers on how you can create a better and more eco-friendly office.

Replace staples

If you want to start small, replacing your staples with paper clips is one brilliant idea to recycle those papers and documents. Stapled papers usually can’t be recycled, thus using folders and paper clips tokeep them in place would be a splendid idea.

You should also ensure that you’re keeping those folders if in case the documents in it need to be thrown.

Condemn the use of disposable stuffs

Is your office active in using disposable cups? If so then be the first to show that bringing their own mug is better than purchasing a bundle of these disposable cups every now and then. Any other disposable items in the office should also be condemned especially if you know there’s a better substitute for it.

You can also suggest using reusable office supplies instead of sticking with the disposable ones.


If your office is filled with unused items, it will be a brilliant idea to donate them. Whether that’s unused storage boxes or old furniture, donating is always a brilliant way of recycling things.

Letting others utilize those that you don’t use anymore is a wise idea to lessen the clutter in your office without totally disposing the items.

De-cluttering doesn’t only mean throwing all the clutter in the trash bin, another better way to do so would be to recycle. Having an eco-friendly office can truly go a long way. It will not only benefit you, but it will also benefit other office workers by having a well-disciplined co-worker like you. With all these recycling tips, surely there will be no unused office supplies on your desk.