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How to Recycle Paper

How to Recycle Paper PhotoAccording to Ecology Global Network, roughly 4 billion trees are cut down yearly for paper worldwide. Sadly, this goes to an increasing amount almost every year without trees being replanted again for the future. But this does not mean that plastic is better. Paper is still a better choice to save mother earth. Though this may seem a problem, the solution through recycling is here. But can paper be recycled?

There are different ways to recycle your trash of papers. It just needs a little innovation, creativity and the desire to help save our environment from future hazards of inorganic pollutants.


Don’t just dump papers at home. How hard could sorting papers be? Every time you are about to throw away, sort out those that can still be used and those that can’t. Place it at one corner until you have the chance to use them for something. They are useful for something somehow. Doing this everyday lessens the bulk of work than sorting it out all at once when papers pile up.

Reuse the clean side

Papers that have nothing written on one side can be used for unnecessary notes. Cut it into smaller pieces enough to be placed near your phone at home for some quick message taking. Also, if you need to print something that does not need to have clean sides, then reuse those papers again. It does not only save you paper but also money too.

Innovation is the key

Old magazines that are too pretty to be thrown away or burned can be used as decorative. How? Paper mosaics can be pretty for the interiors of your house. If you have the talent, why don’t you sell your art too?

You could also make paper mache and put it as figurines in your home or office. Cut down papers into pieces and stuff it inside a dainty cloth to form pillows for your couch. Paper quilling is also a way of reusing paper in a very creative way.

Newspapers can be used for cleaning up your pet’s litter. It can be used to clean your glass windows too. Also, it is an inexpensive way to wrap up your gifts. Just tie a pretty ribbon and it saves you a dollar.

Buy recycled paper

Patronizing recycled materials like paper is a simple way to show that you care too. Ecobags are examples of recycled bags that may be made out of paper. Buy recycled paper if you don’t really need a fancy one. There is no difference in those kinds of papers except that they don’t cut trees again.

You can also sell or donate your bulk of papers. Find a recycling center near your area where you can give your unwanted papers. They have a system on how to recycle tons of papers and reuse it again for future use.

Paper recycling is easy but sometimes we forget or we are just too lazy to do it. The key is motivation. Motivate yourself and others to do it now before it would be too late for your kids in the future.