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How to Recycle Plastic Bottles

How to Recycle Plastic Bottles PhotoPlastic bottles are one of the most popular junks scattered around the community that we can recycle. These bottles of soda, mineral water, cooking oil, fruit juice or milk sometimes end up in landfills even though we could still make use of those no matter how empty, cracked or damaged they are.

The different ways of recycling plastic bottles has a lot of benefits. Aside from saving mother earth, we can also help on keeping our surroundings clean, make extra money and many more. Here are the steps on how you can recycle plastic bottles.

Be creative

Research about things that you can make out of plastic bottles. If you’ve got gifted hands and you know that you can make a lot of great things out of these bottles, you can definitely use it to help on the recycling process or make some money. Some products that have been made from plastic bottles are curtains, lamps, house decorations, bottle light and even chairs!

Reuse them as containers for some time

If you are short on canisters or other containers in your house, you can make use of the empty plastic bottles. You can store food and drinks such as milk, juices, sauce or even powders. Just make sure that the plastic bottles are previously being store with edible drinks and they are not more than a week old after the content has been consumed. Clean the bottles and ensure that they can be safely used as food containers.

Separate the bottle caps from the bottles

There is something else that you might be able to do with the caps so take them off and segregate. You can use the caps on making toys, stamps and decors.

Check for community programs

Every community’s problem is waste and for sure, they have thought about recycling for a long time now. Ask your community on how you can help on their recycling process regarding plastic bottles. Familiarize yourself about the requirements, process and follow the instructions that they have set.


If you don’t possess the artistic hands, not interested on trying to be creative and don’t like the idea of approaching community officials, there is one process that you might want – sell for extra money. If you have collected enough in your cart, box or in the whole garage, selling those could be a wise move. The buyers of these which are usually junk shops are also making money out of what others call as garbage.

Plastic bottles have many uses and have a great potential when it comes to money making and saving the earth. Promote recycling and let’s continue to live in a rich and green world.