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How to Relieve Stress Quickly

How to Relieve Stress Quickly

The bills are piling up. Your colleague just made a nasty joke about you at lunch again. You and your husband rarely see each other and you suspect he is having an affair. Money, the workplace, and relationships – these are three of the most common causes of stress plaguing many people today. Many people are quick to recognize some of the symptoms – rapid change in weight, change in sleeping patterns, migraines, etc., while some people may take a while to realize a stressful situation and do something about it.

There are various ways to relieve stress – take a vacation, go to a spa, seek the assistance of a professional therapist. But what if you need to de-stress now? Here are some helpful tips to give one’s self a quick break:

Take a breather

Give yourself a 1-15 minute break and take yourself out of the situation. Grab a doughnut across the street. Take the car and go for a short drive around the neighborhood. Walk your dog. Even going to the toilet to just sit there and do nothing helps – anything as long as you take away yourself from whatever stressful situation you are in the middle of.

Quick DIY massage

When a person is under stress, the body adapts in such a way that itprepares the body for fight or flight – the muscles go rigid, blood pressure rises and the adrenalin is released. To relax your body and mind, do the following quick and easy massages:

  • Temple Massage – this helps reduce eyestrain and mild headaches. Press your pointer and middle fingers on your temple for ten seconds then release. Repeat as necessary.
  • Hair Pull and Scalp Kneading – helps head muscles relax and blood to circulate better. From the hairline, run your fingers along your scalp and gently close your hand into a tight fist. Hold for a few seconds then release. You should be feeling a tingly sensation as the hair’s root pull gently at the scalp.
  • Jaw Massage – most people unknowingly clench their jaw when under stress. Clenching your jaw can cause headaches and back strains. Press your fingers to your jaw and knead in a circular motion to let your jaw muscles relax. A warm compress, if available, would be helpful, too.


Some people underestimate the advantages of stretching. In fact, it is one of the quickest ways to relieve stress especially when in the workplace. Stretching helps muscles relax and keep your spine straight.

Listen to Music

Listening to soothing music can easily sort a bundle of nerves. Whip out a pair of earphones and tune in to a radio station which plays smooth jazz or relaxing instrumentals. Borrow a friend’s mp3 player if you have to.

It is always the best to seek help from a health care professional for the treatment of severe stress. The steps above can sure be helpful when one needs a quick fix to help him get through the day.