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How to Relieve Stress

How to Relieve Stress Photo

Stress is part of everyday life. It can happen at school, work or even at your own home. Sometimes, you cannot even realize that you are at stress, not until your body tells you so. The American Psychological Association says that 48% of the people feel their lives have become more stressful for the last 5 years – a clear realization that stress can be adapted by the environment people are in. As the world tends to be more advanced and fast, the more people cope up with the kind of lifestyle. Yet, stress can be controlled and modified the way you want it to be. Here’s how:

List down goals

A person gets stressed especially at work when he doesn’t know what to do first. The best way to prevent this is to write down your goals – whether long term or short term.

Make a checklist on important things to do daily, weekly or yearly. Breakdown your to-do list by allotting a specific time for all your tasks. This way, you stop thinking too much if you can get things done or not.

Practice relaxation techniques

Deep breathing

If you think you are not getting anywhere in your work, stop for 2 minutes. Sit back, relax your muscles on your shoulders, inhale and exhale deeply.


Not everyone can concentrate with music around. But try to use music as a tool to relax. Have your earphones ready and listen to soothing music like those of Pachelbel and Mozart.


Yoga is one of the best relaxation techniques ever used. Try to do yoga early in the morning at least twice every week to recharge your body from all the stressors. Learn yoga by some tutorials found in Youtube.

Learn to say no

If you think you can’t take it anymore, then stop your work for a while. If your body is at the verge of breaking down, take a vacation. Never sacrifice your health for work because it is never worth it.

Aside from telling your boss about your stress situation, also tell yourself to give you a break. Sometimes, when you love your work so much, you feel regretful if you miss out a day’s work. Well, that’s normal. But always remember that your work will be useless if your body can’t do the job well.

Laugh it out

Laughter is still the best medicine. Don’t let stress eat you up. Instead, do the opposite. It is good to meet people sometimes and just talk about things that laugh your hearts out. You can also watch a comedy movie or a show at a comedy bar just to make things a little lighter.

Stress is good sometimes. It makes your mind active and prevents you from gaining early Alzheimer’s disease. In life, you must learn to balance stress and relaxation to make your life easier.