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How to Rent Out Your Home

How to Rent Out Your Home PhotoWhen your house would be of no use, why don’t you make it rented?

Renting out your home is a good idea for an effortless income. This kind of mini business for short term home rentals is hotly on trend in the European countries. But today, it is now catching up in the US.

Entering this business may be tricky, but like any other businesses, it is always possible. You just have to meet the requirement enlisted below.

Nice Home

By the time the renters would visit and check the house to rent for their own, they will surely look into how the house is kept by the owners.

Who doesn’t want to live under a clean roof, anyway?

Thus, when you want costumers to rent your home without any negative comments you need to make every part of your house clean, presentable and without any stink.


When preparing your house for a rent out, you need to identify the things that are very valuable to you and your family.

Make sure that you keep these valuable things in your storage or somewhere safe just to make sure that the renters will not be able to do anything about the valuable things you have.


Make sure that you inspect your furniture before leaving the house. In this way when you get back you can see what is damaged and know what to do about it.

But if you love some particular furniture then you can hide it in your storage room or somewhere you think is safe, and make sure the renters will never touch them.

Appropriate Monthly Rent

Before you decide on how much will you charge the renters, look it up first on the internet. There are several sites that you can browse and see how realtors charge.

You just can’t charge just charge the renters for how much do you want, it is simply inappropriate. Implementing a higher than expected rate will also discourage future tenants to choose your abode.

Have an Agent

If you want someone to have your trust, it must be a rent out agent. When you are away and you are so worried about how your house is getting, then you need to have an agent which will take care of everything.

A rent out agent would be in-charge of the following:

Scheduling and Booking Renters

He will schedule the dates to when will the renters move in and move out. When the current renters move out, then he will schedule the next renters.

In this way, your house will not be emptied with renters and your income flow will be stable.

Collecting Rentals

Aside from booking and scheduling rentals, it is the agent’s job as well as to collect the payments for the rent. The deal would be between the agent and the renter regarding the payments and payment method.

This idea may not please you, as it did to many homeowners. But with this constantly fluctuating economy, what is a better way to benefit from a house that is not of use to you?