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How to Report Credit Fraud

How to Report Credit Fraud Photo


Credit card fraud is considered as the worst nightmare anyone could ever have. This is a stress to those individuals whose monetary well-being solely depends on a likable credit history. The independent agency even claimed that thousands of people are defrauded every year which is quite an alarming fact. The Federal Trade Commission also stated that credit card fraud is a serious problem not only by individuals; it is more of an international serious dilemma. So it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

If you think you’re one of these many individuals, the best thing to do is to report your credit card fraud case immediately.

The first step to do

Once you have found suspicious issues with your credit card, the first step towards dealing with such case is to obtain a free credit report. Every individual is permitted to file one with each fraud. This report can be obtained either via phone call or online, but experts claim that calling the credit agency is a better choice.

Call your provider

Notify them that your card has been misused or stolen and ask them to freeze all your accounts. This way, the damage will be lessened and it will ensure that your remaining cash will be untouched.

Gather supporting documents

If possible, you should gather any supporting documents that can prove that you’re a victim of fraud. Double check your bank statements and credit reports and conduct an inventory to ensure that all your other credit cards are still intact. 

Role of the police and other agencies

You should then make a report at your local police department. Bring along all the documents that can support your statement. Although it’s possible to make a report over the phone, the Federal Trade Commission advises people to make a personal report in the police office. Afterwards, you should ask the police for a copy of the report.

Contact the FTC

Repeat all of these to the FTC via phone call. You will be asked to submit evidence as they will also gather their own. The FTC or any other law enforcement agencies are all obliged to conduct further investigation and often times they really aren’t. You can count on the police for further checking and deeper analysis. You should also call them regularly for updates.

It may be difficult to determine the person who used your card without your permission or the way he was able to do so. It could be through your mail, the internet, via telephone or any other means. That is why it’s very important to keep these details a secret. Giving out your card information to someone who is selling you something is a big no-no. Even entrusting it to your family is sometimes not a good option.

Keep in mind that owning a credit card entails a long list of responsibilities and such responsibilities should be understood and be well taken care of. Unless you’re ready to let go of your cash for nothing, a fraud case should be avoided at all costs.