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How to Report Tax Fraud

How to Report Tax FraudThe unwillingness to pay taxes is highly considered as part of the human nature. That is why to lessen the amount due, some people falsifies their tax return information. This intentional cheating often includes charging personal expenditures as business expenditures, claiming untruthful deductions as well as not reporting an income.

Because of such cases, it’s wise to know how to report it so that these irresponsible individuals will learn a thing or two.

Fill out the form

If you suspect a business, or a person who is not paying his tax, reporting it will require you to fill out form 3949 A. Often times, it will just take 15 minutes of your time to complete the said form, however, if you want to give more detailed information then surely it will take longer.

In instances like this, it’s best to refrain from thinking much about the time. What’s important is that the authorities will know all details about it.

Provide relevant details

You should also provide the personal information of the person or business you’re reporting. Details such as current address, full name, social security number and marital status are highly relevant.

If you’re reporting a business, address of their main office as well as the head of the company can go a long way. Although you’re not reporting their boss as an individual, giving his name will allow the authorities to confirm if that’s the business you’re talking about.

Clarify the violations

If your report is unclear, most likely, your efforts will turn into nothing. That is why it’s highly essential to clarify the violations of the person, or business, you’re reporting. It’s best to spend a couple of hours researching to ensure that you’re providing the right information.

There are lots of check boxes on the form, thus, it won’t be difficult to clarify everything. You should also state how you were able to get this information.

To be or not to be anonymous

Now that the report is about to be finished, it’s time to decide whether you want to hide your identity and be anonymous, or not. The tipster’s personal information is not required, for the Internal Revenue Service, to process the report.

Mail it to the right address

Last and final step is to mail the filed Form 3949-A and other documents to the address of the Internal Revenue Service or IRS. This will serve as the beginning of the tax fraud case of the individual or business you just reported. All documents should be mailed at Fresno, CA 93888.

Keep in mind that the investigation is not at your hands. It’s also up to the IRS if they’ll contact you for further discussion or not.

Reporting a fraud, evasion or any case with regards to tax can be daunting for some individuals. However, most people are courageous enough to speak about it. Indeed it is right and just to report unwanted instances like this. Tax is highly considered as a responsibility and not something that others can easily cheat on.

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