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How to Request for a Maternity Leave at Work

How to Request for a Maternity Leave at WorkWhether your pregnancy is high-risk or not, you would unquestionably need to request a maternity leave. This is to give you some time to rest and cherish the state of being pregnant. Maternity leave should also include a couple of months right after giving birth. Although you can hire a nanny or ask relatives to take care of your baby, it’s still best if you can focus on taking care of him for the first few months.

With that being said, here’s a brief guide to ask for a maternity leave. Read along.

Understand your rights

If you’re afraid to take a maternity leave because of the perception that you won’t earn within those months, it is a must to check on your contract. Although it’s not mandatory, every employee has a right to have a paid maternity leave. If this is clearly stated on your contract, then everything else will be easy.

However, if it’s not, you can go and talk to your boss about it.

Make an advance request

For the workload to flow smoothly, you should make a maternity leave request months before you plan to have it. This way, your boss or supervisor, will know how to divide the workload well. Women usually start the maternity leave planning during their second trimester of pregnancy.

Do the paperwork

Talking to your boss may do the trick, but submitting an application for a maternity leave is still essential. Not only does this symbolize your professionalism but it also shows how responsible you are.

When writing a letter, you keep everything in a formal tone but add in a pinch of humor so that the letter won’t be too tedious. State that you’re pregnant and that you’re requesting for a leave. You should also mention in the letter the duration of your leave. End it by thanking the reader for taking the time to read your letter.

Be careful not to assure that your request has already been considered. Instead, make it clear that you’re hoping for the reader’s consideration.

Check any further requirements

Once you’re done with the paper, meet with the Human Resource Department and ask if there are any other paperwork to be done. You may be required to fill up certain forms or write another letter to be given to another boss. You can also ask assistance from your co-workers if they know other requirements you need to submit.

After performing the following steps, you will surely get that maternity leave you’ve been waiting for. Giving birth is indeed an extremely exciting part of every woman’s life and even if you give birth for the second time, the experience and feeling is just not the same with the first time.

That is why you have to give importance to this period. Leave early and get quality time with your child who’s kicking in your tummy. Nothing else can replace that glorious feeling. Lastly, you should keep in mind that even if you’re on a leave, still you should communicate with your co-workers. Ask them what’s happening in the office and offer a helping hand if possible.