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How to Resign From a Job

How to Resign From a Job PhotoDo you hate your job but don’t know how to exit with grace? Here are ways to quit with elegance.

Notify them immediately

Give at least a month of notice prior to your resignation. This is to give the company time to assess all the necessary papers and prepare for replacing the void you will leave in the office.

Notify your superiors first

Don’t go prattling to your officemates that you’ve been offered a job from another company.

Tell your superiors first your plan of resignation. They have the right to.

Prepare for the exit interview

Treat your exit interview as if your first interview. Be formal, smart and honest.

When you’re asked why you are leaving, say something in the lines of “for greener pastures”. Talk about how much you loved the company and your job.

Don’t lash out how much you hate the company. You can bring up your negative experiences but do it in a pleasant and reasonable manner.

Submit your letter of resignation

Present a brief letter of resignation with copies to appropriate parties such as human resources and the manager’s boss.

What to write? Just say that you’re leaving and emphasize on the positive experiences you’ve had during your stay in the company.

Don’t slack off

Many employees that have submitted their resignation letter tend to slack off until they leave. That’s a bad move.

Remember that you’re STILL working for that company. Do everything as if it’s your ordinary day in there.

You don’t want to leave a bad impression behind right?

Don’t forget to ask for a reference

Before you leave, ask for a letter of recommendation from your manager. Keep it for future references.

With this, you’ll have written documentation of your credentials to present to future employers.

Leave spotless

Finish all work assigned to you. Don’t leave them behind as if you’re only going out for some time.

Clean your desk and remove any personal touches in it. You don’t want the next hire to feel irritation from the former employee for leaving a messy place behind.

Also, erase your digital footprints. All browsing history, saved passwords, files, etc. from your computer.

Don’t burn bridges

Keep in touch with colleagues. Possibly, you’re both from the same field so there might come a time that you’ll meet your colleagues again.

Thank everyone

Thank everyone even if they only gave you pain and suffering, especially your boss. You still need the references so be good.

Don’t let them hold you back

If your employer asks you to stay longer than the date stated in your contract, say that you have no obligation to stay. Your new employer is waiting for you and will be expecting you to start as scheduled.

In reply to this situation, just say that they can just contact you for help if they need it.

Return company property

Remember to return the keys to your desk, documents, computers or anything that the company provided you. They don’t belong to you.

You don’t want them to come chasing after you for failing to return their stapler.