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How to Respect Yourself

How to Respect Yourself PhotoYou need to learn how to respect yourself. After all, the world can be a mean place. There will be people who won’t treat you with respect. So at the very least, you need to be able to treat yourself with respect.

Be honest with your positives

It can be easy to be too hard on yourself. This results in focusing just on the negatives. But if all you see is the bad, this could make you lose self-respect. This isn’t an honest assessment.

There will be parts of you that are good at certain things. You will have experiences that you can be proud of. There are things you can do to add to your positive self-image. You need to keep these in mind.

Don’t look to others for validation

If you keep on looking to other people for validation, it’ll be difficult. After all, not all people are fair or reasonable. There will be people who choose to be mean for the fun of it. You can’t depend on others for your self-worth.

Instead, you need to develop self-respect from within. It has to come from inside you. In fact, you need to toughen up against the insults of other people. You need to be strong enough so they can’t hurt your self-esteem.

Treat yourself well

It’s a vicious cycle really. If you don’t respect yourself, and you do bad things to yourself. You don’t exercise or you eat junk food. You don’t work hard on your career or friendships.

This can make your life even more difficult. When this happens, you could lose even more self-respect. So the cycle has to stop somewhere. You need to make a conscious effort to treat yourself well, no matter what.

Keep on improving

It helps to keep on improving your skills. This will give you the feeling that you’re getting better with time. If you feel this about yourself, it helps with your self-esteem. It makes it easier to build up more self-respect.

So think about the things you like to do. Then, consider how you can increase your abilities there. For example, if you like to watch anime, consider learning Japanese. It’ll give you one more thing to be proud about.

Everyone needs to learn how to respect themselves. It should be at the core of their self-image. Keep this advice in mind. And keep making a conscious effort to improve this aspect.