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How to Respond to a Job Performance Review

How to Respond to a Job Performance Review PhotoEmployees need to know how to respond to a job performance review. This process is inevitable, so people need to know how to maximize it.

Read the review

This is a step that too many people skip, but it’s a vital one. The more you know about your review, the more you can make an informed response. While reading it, take note of the strengths and weaknesses mentioned. This gives you an idea of how you’re seen as a worker.

If your office gives a copy of the review ahead of time, that’s even better. If it doesn’t, ask if you can have an advance copy anyway. This is very important because it takes time to digest the review’s content. If you can do this over several hours, you can better prepare for the talk.

You need to listen

This part will require some multitasking, so it can be tricky. While you are going over the written review, you need to listen to your supervisor. You need to hear his or her version of the review. And you need to compare what’s said, to what’s in the written report.

Together, the written and verbal parts give a more complete picture of how you’re rated. If what’s said is different from what was written, you need to find out why. Also, if you can show that you’re listening, this makes you seem open and receptive. You need to show that you consider the review as a constructive process.

Disagree respectfully and with evidence

A performance review isn’t something you should blindly accept and agree with. If you see or hear something that you know is untrue, be ready to speak up. But also know that how you do it will go a long way. Avoid making this personal or becoming emotional, even if it can be difficult.

So be respectful by listening and making your points in a calm and rational manner. Show that you understand where the other person is coming from. But go ahead and rebut those points by presenting specific examples of why you disagree. You need specifics because general statements won’t be as convincing.

Ask for advice

If there are weak points mentioned that you yourself agree with, ask for advice. Don’t be defensive about these or try to bluster your way through. Instead, have your manager do his or her job by asking how you can improve. This shows that you’re willing to grow as an employee.

These are just some of the things to consider in a performance review. Just remember to stay calm. Don’t panic. If you keep these points in mind, you can turn the review into an opportunity.