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How to Resume Working after Retirement

How to Resume Working after Retirement PhotoRetirement is one stage people cannot avoid. For some, it is fulfilling and rewarding. But, to an individual who happen to love the routines of his life, it may become boring, still to another individual, he/she needs to support his family’s daily living.To avoid boredom and lessen the pressures after retirement, a retiree can resume working after retirement. Here are some steps on how to resume working after retirement:

Evaluate yourself

You have to evaluate yourself whether you are working just to alleviate boredom or are you working for money. If you are working to support your family’s daily living, here are some things to consider:

  • Choose a position that is easier, much enjoyable, less pressure and offers a higher salary considering your previous experience. Consider applying in a big Institution like Colleges and Universities. They are required to have the whole staff with Master’s Degree or if not, a Doctorate Degree. In some cases, retired employees are just being hired for their documents alone. They receive higher salaries even without working hard, just for their document’s and qualifications.
  • If you are a retiree who has no degree, you can still choose a career related to sales and marketing. They offer fat bonuses and incentives to older people who has a lot of connections based on their experience. You may also find a job which may not be related to your previous experience but offers better benefits.

Revise Your Resume

You would not want to submit an old resume which was done many years ago.  It is best to submit a fresh document even if the holder of that document is no longer fresh as he/she was 30 years ago. You need not submit all your documents except unless asked otherwise.

Consider an online and home based jobs

There are a lot of companies nowadays who offers good job opportunities like writing or blogging, web designing and other related online jobs that require only a very minimal time and some are home based.

Spread the word to your friends

Your circle of friends may be the best source of connections and referrals in terms of job opportunities.

Sharpen yourself

Your skills and strengths may be enhanced by reading a lot of articles related to your new job target.

Be prepared to address questions regarding your age

Make sure you can convince them that you are still capable of handling the task that they may require. Do not be offended when your superior is much younger than you. Consider it as a new challenge that an older subordinate can be submissive to the younger superior, and a younger superior can be a good mentor too.

If accepted for a job, make sure that your age is an advantage to the company you’re applying rather than a disadvantage. It will become advantageous if your experience can help build up the company, but rather it will become a disadvantage when the attitude is not right.

  • http://www.savingnspending.com Dave

    I think one shouldn’t wait till retirement to look for work again. You need to prepare for that retirement job way before you need it. The days of having enough for retirement without working are over. Also in retirement you need to do something that keeps you involved and keeps your mind active and in the game. I have 10 years to go till retirement, I am setting up the business I will be doing then, today. Don’t wait till retirement to think of a job.