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How to Retire in Your 30s

How to Retire in Your 30s

You might think that this is not thinkable. There are lots of skeptics, which is totally understandable. In this article, you will find some good ideas that you can try out or toss around.

Build Websites

There are so many people who have thought of great ideas as far as websites. These people start out thinking that it is a good idea, and it will bring in money if they do it right. Well, after they build it and start the site the way they wanted, there are people that are interested in purchasing them. Examples:

  • Facebook’s value is $24 billion. (A lot, huh?)
  • eHows value is around $150 Million dollars.

There is a website that has six rules to sell your website. This is definitely a good start. Here are the six rules in selling your website:

  1. Understand your website’s long term value. Do this in advance.
  2. Know your audience. You will then need to know how to sell them.
  3. Research other websites that have had success.
  4. You will need to optimize profits before you make your listing.
  5. Use a popular outlet. This will make sure you have the right audience.
  6. Do not fluff statistics and you need to focus on substance.

Be Creative

Being creative is easy, selling your creativity isn’t. However, once you do, you are set. What I mean is writing a hit song. It only takes one to get the royalties. Think about the song, “Happy Birthday”. Every time this song is sung by a business, they are required to pay to use the song.

This idea does not just apply to a one hit wonder type of situation. You can finally dust off the notebooks, grab a pen, and finally write that novel that you have been dreaming of writing. Do not use the excuse that you do not have time. You can write for ten to fifteen minutes here and there till it is done. Besides, if you follow the steps by heart, then you will find it so much easier.

  1. Write your characters out. Their interests, looks, traits, and who they are to the rest. (Example: aunt)
  2. Write your main outline.
  3. Write outlines for your chapters.
  4. Start writing your chapters.
  5. Write your author’s bio.
  6. Get images together if you are using any.
  7. Submit to publishers and away you go.

Build Businesses

This is something like building and selling websites. This does take some capital to start, but if you have it, build with it. You can start a unique or an “in demand” business.

Once it is flourishing, you can sell it to someone willing to take it over and run with it. The amounts you will receive depends on the success of the business when you sell it.

If you succeed everything will fall into place, your retirement will surely not take longer than 30. Just make sure that you are willing to put the effort and time in and you will succeed as others before you.