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How to Reuse Old Clothes

How to Reuse Old Clothes Photo


Fashion trends change every now and then, introducing new styles and accessories to the public. Chances are the clothes that are hip today won’t be as trendy tomorrow.

You might find some old clothes you haven’t used for some time and you’re thinking what to do with them. Well here are some tips to help you decide the fate of those old garments.

Dye it

Give it another color by dyeing it. Sometimes it just needs recoloring to make it trendy.

Make your own cut

Sometimes clothes just need to be torn and cut to make them new and hip.

Make shirts or jeans loose or fitted depending on your style. Rip old jeans, cut old shirts, trim that top, and put a slit on that skirt to give them a completely different look.


Recombine your old clothes with new ones and present your very own fashion statement. Experiment with a mixture of accessories and see how it will fit with your clothes. It takes a little creativity and fashion sense to make your style delectable to the public.

Who knows, you might get discovered and become a model or maybe a fashion designer.

Add things to it

Add some embellishments to those out-of-style outfits. Add buttons or ribbons to shirts and dresses. Patch torn clothes with some nicely designed fabric. Stitch your customized designs and show the world how creative you can be!

Give it away

If you don’t have the talent or time to do the above mentioned ways, you can just give your old clothes away. Give it to friends or relatives who might want it or need it. If you have younger siblings, you can hand it down to them also.

A better idea is to swap clothes with your friends. This way you can both benefit from your unused clothes.

Sell it

Make money out of it. If you think your clothes still has the potential to sell, do so.

Do a garage sale and display your old clothes together with other unwanted items. You can also sell them online in sites like eBay or Craigslist.

Charitable act

For those who have a big heart, just donate them to charitable organizations. Just make sure that you don’t give tattered clothing. Even if they are old stuff, they should still be in good and wearable condition.

Pillow and pillowcase

If you have lots of old and unwanted clothes, you can make them into pillows. Cut clothes into smaller pieces and stuff them in an unused shirt. Stitch the holes in the shirt and presto! You have a new pillow to cuddle in your sleep.

Decorations and toys

You can also use your old clothes to make toys, art decors, and home improvements. Make stuff toys and dolls for the kids. Cut and use them as book covers, lampshade covers and picture frames. Craft fashion accessories and bed sheets out of several garments.


The last thing you would want to do to your old clothes – eat dirt.

There are countless ways to reinvent those old clothes and make them reusable. Rather than spend thousands of dollars a year for clothing, save more money instead by revitalizing your wardrobe.

  • http://www.etights.co.uk/ Berta Earish

    My mom always give our old clothes to charity, more people need it more than we do and we always manage to have so much. It’s much satisfying and rewarding.