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How to Reuse Old Furniture

How to Reuse Old Furniture PhotoLearning how to reuse old furniture isn’t just good for your wallet. It’s also good for the environment. If you reuse an old table, that’s one less piece of furniture in a landfill. And it also means a new one doesn’t have to be produced for you.

Paint old furniture

A piece of furniture may look great when you first bring it home. But after many years of constant use, it look worn out. At that point, you might already be thinking about getting a new table or bookcase. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can give it new life through a fresh coat of paint. You’ll have to sand the wood furniture down first, to make its surface smooth. Then you apply some primer, followed by one or two coats of paint. The paint can also be a totally different color to give it a new look.

Cover old furniture

You can’t paint all furniture unfortunately. But if you have an old sofa or comfy chair, you can cover it up. Slipcovers can be made to fit snugly over the piece. They can give a piece of a furniture a softer and more relaxed feel.

Another advantage of slipcovers is that you can choose the design of the fabric. You could go for a cool color to tone down a particular room. Or you could use a fabric with outlandish patterns to inject energy into a space. And if you want a change, just slip on a different cover.

Reuse an old ladder

If you have an old stepladder that’s gathering dust, there are ways to reuse it. One thing you can do, of course, is repaint it. But another thing to consider is that you can turn it into a table. Use the steps like shelves and put baskets, pots or other containers on them.

If you have an old ladder, you can do something similar. Just lean it against a wall and use wire and screws to firmly hold it in place. Then, use the steps as shelves for such things as picture frames and small books. If the ladder’s made of wood, it can give the space a more rustic feel.

Reuse an old door

Old doors can look rather beat up and worn out. But that doesn’t mean that there’s no way to reuse them. For example, one thing you can do is turn it into a large picture frame. The challenge is finding a large enough painting or photo to mount on the door.

Or, you could instead turn the door into a large message board. You could attach cork material to the door so you can use pins. You could turn some of the surfaces into blackboards so you can write on them. You could also use special paint on the door so magnets can stick to it.

Old furniture doesn’t have to be disposed of. There are ways of bringing them back to life. Usually all that is needed is some effort and imagination. So, keep these tips in mind when looking at an old piece of furniture.

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    I have a hard time believing that you can achieve a level of beauty like the furniture on the picture with only a bit of paint, haha.