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How to Reuse Plastic Bottles

How to Reuse Plastic Bottles Photo


Plastic is one of the most useful materials we have today. In fact, not a single day will pass that we don’t use any plastic material. However, environmentalists and other non-government organizations that are focused on clean and green are having big issues with the disposing method of plastics. Melting it will surely cause problems to our health and on the ozone layer. That is why as much as possible, these organizations would do anything just to lessen the plastic bottles that are to be melted each year.

But take note, every individual has also a role towards clean and green environment. And that is to learn how to recycle. With enough doses of creativity and patience on every craft, you will surely come up with the best recycled plastic bottle product. Read along this article to gain more about these crafty ideas.

Plastic bottle bracelets

Have you ever imagined that such trash can turn into cute bracelets? This art is perfect for all teens. It’s a great alternative to other friendship bracelets that is often collected at this age. If you’re planning to have a stall at flea markets nearby, then you can also introduce this plastic bottle bracelet and have it as your main product. You’ll surely earn a lot with it.

Hanging Garden Pot

What better way to add more greens in your home than to build a hanging garden. Instead of using rubber or other materials, you can utilize plastic bottles and improvise it into plant pots. Not only did you help Mother Nature by reducing the plastic bottles to be disposed, but you also generated fresher air in your home with the additional plants. With regular trimming, it won’t be a question if your neighbor will start collecting plastic bottles as well.

Coin purse

Who says plastic bottles cannot transform into a coin purse? Simply cut the bottom part of two bottles in the same shape and the same size. Carefully stitch it or use a glue gun to attach the zipper on the inner part of the bottle and there you have it – unique coin purse you can show off to your friends. This is also a great product to sell, and it won’t cost you much aside from the zippers.

Drip watering

There is no better way to water your plants that going to the roots directly. This can be done by using plastic bottles as a part of your drip watering system. Now, you don’t have to deal with the problem of disposing too many bottles.

Magazine rack

Got lots of plastic bottles in different colors and sizes? Why not turn it into your own magazine and newspaper rack? Cut the top part off and stick the bottom part of the bottle to a material (you can opt for stainless steel or wood for this) and simply hang it on your wall. Use a hot glue to hold the bottles in place. You can either position it in one line or you can create your own design.