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How to Save Loose Change

How to Save Loose Change PhotoThere are many ways that you can save loose change. Come on, you cannot think of more than one way? Luckily you found this post. This article will share a few ways that you can save the change.

Seriously, your change will add up, and you can buy more than just a dollar sandwich. Are you ready? Here it goes.


Get into those pockets of yours and get that copper and silver out. You will be surprised how much change you have. Two purchases can give you one dollar. Isn’t that crazy? So, if you think about it, you make five purchases through the week. That means if you clean your pockets, that is over two dollars.

If you stick to that, yes, that is right. That would mean an extra ten dollars a month. Heck, you can pay for your Netflix membership with that.

Cussing Jar

If you use “proper” English on a regular basis, this would not scare you. Of course, if you are trying to maintain a less crude environment then you can use a cussing jar. It will discourage bad words and help with the money saving. Remember, a penny saved is a penny earned, right? Here is how:

  1. Find a big jar.
  2. Decorate your big jar.
  3. Cut a slit on the lid.
  4. Tell everyone to watch their mouths or pay.
  5. Step on people’s toes and collect money. (Ok don’t step on toes. But still, you can get their loose change.)

Street Coins

You will probably feel like a hobo doing this. However, you will be surprised at how much you can actually save. This is what you need to do. Find another jar if you want to do the cussing jar, too. You do not really need a separate jar, but if you want to see how much you actually get then you will need to keep the change separate.

Every single time you find a coin pick it up. Yup, it is that simple. Whether it is a penny, nickel, quarter, whatever, pick it up! I cannot stress this enough. Put it in the jar at home once you’re done. At the end of the year, December (Christmas time), cash it in at a bank or coin counter.

Once Collected

You can cash it in with a coin counter – this was mentioned earlier. These are located at your local grocery stores. All you have to do is pour in your collected treasure, and it will count it. Do not think this is free, it is not. For a small portion of what it counts you then get a receipt. It prints out, and you walk to the customer service desk. They will give you the money.

You can also take it to the bank, and they will do a coin counter there. A lot of people still use the paper rolls. These can be purchased at your local office supply center. Happy collecting.