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How to Save Money by Growing Food at Home

How to Save Money by Growing Food at Home PhotoSaving money can be an easy thing to do. So is getting healthy! You can grow food at home and accomplish both. Food that you grow does not have the preservative that the goods in the stores have. They also have pesticide on them. That is just gross.

Here are a few simple examples and instructions on how you can start:


Tomatoes are a staple in most meals that are cooked. Here are some tips:

  • You will need to do this in spring.
  • Clear out a spot in your backyard, where you think would be the perfect spot to plant them.
  • Till the soil. (They sell manual tillers for a fair price at your local hardware store.)
  • Plant your seeds 8 – 12 inches apart.
  • Water them daily depending on weather conditions.
  • They are ripe and ready to pick when they are a deep red color. (Or if you like fried green tomatoes well pick them when they are green.)

Hot Peppers

Perhaps a garden would not be completed without these. You can ask a local gardener why. They are so easy to grow and in demand. They can be grown in your yard or in a pot inside. You can grow any pepper like this. Here is a list to give you a good view of where to start:

  • Bell Peppers (These are the type of peppers for stuffed peppers.)
  • Cherry Peppers (These are not that hot but have great flavor.)
  • Anaheim Peppers
  • Jalapeno Peppers (Tasty, oh so tasty.)
  • Serrano Peppers
  • Cayenne Peppers (Great for all types of foods.)
  • Tabasco Peppers (Make your own sauce!)
  • Thai Peppers
  • Rocoto Peppers
  • Habanero Chili Peppers (Extremely hot.)
  • Ghost Pepper (The hottest peppers ever known.)


There are so many people that are not aware that you can even do this. There are stores that carry stuff for people to start an herb garden in their kitchen. These gardens come with the supplies that you need and the instructions. It is so much cheaper than buying a bunch of different processed herbs from the local grocery store.

One bottle of seasoning can cost up to 4 to 5 dollars. It totally makes perfect sense to grow them by yourself rather than spend that much on garlic. Plus, all of your seasoning will be fresh and make your cooking gourmet instead of just another meal.

Be conventional

The possibilities do not end here. If they can grow it, so can you. Be creative and make a list of produce that you would like to grow. After doing that cut the list down to those that do not take up as much room that way you can grow more than one or two items.

After you do all that, start researching your selections. You will need to make sure that you follow the instructions, so the plants don’t die. Besides, a wilted lettuce plant is gross, and not a good thing to show off.