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How to Save Money for a Baby

How to Save Money for a Baby Photo


It is quite amazing how a baby can turn your life upside down. You tend to be more responsible (especially if it’s your first born) and you’ll learn how to give importance to every aspect of life that you know will never happen again. But at the same time, you also tend to have a deeper pocket than ever. As your baby grows, you might notice that your home is getting smaller and smaller. Well of course if doesn’t. You’re just purchasing more and more items for your newborn that consumes a lot of space.

It can be difficult to save money when you’re pregnant and especially when the baby’s already out. That is why I have gathered a couple of tips that will surely help you out.

Don’t purchase everything at once

It’s a big no-no to buy all the needs of your baby at once. Why would you even buy a teether, pacifier and potty trainer when he’s not even out yet? It’s a wise idea to purchase the main necessities first, and try to close your eyes on those cute walkers and colorful musical baby mats. Instead, focus on the clothes and other basic essentials.

Diapers in bulk

Since newborns tend to poo a couple of times each day, it’s very wise to buy newborn diapers in bulk. It would be a lot cheaper compared to buying in 10′s or 20′s and make you run to the pharmacy again after a couple of days.

Gain interest in coupons

If you’ve never been interested in shopping with coupons, then it’s really about time. These small bits of paper may be just trash for others, but it can save you a good amount for sure. Maternity wards are often filled with coupons and samples, however because nurses are too busy, they often forget about it. Thus, it’s a bright idea to ask your attendant about it. There’s always an army of them inside the wards, so you’ll surely find one who can assist you with it.

Stay away from private rooms

Not only are these rooms expensive but it’s also filled with unnecessary add-ons. You may have enough privacy and less nurses popping in, but still that doesn’t justify the $100-$300 daily charge for these cozy rooms.

Choose unisex clothes

Instead of staying with the blues and pinks, it’s a wise idea to opt for unisex shades and designs. You may not find the sense if you’re having your first baby, but once the second child exists; you will realize how helpful it is. This is where the hand-me-downs come into place, and your second pregnancy won’t call for an extreme shopping anymore.

Shoes? I don’t think so

Would it be cute to see babies wearing those tiny shoes? But have you ever thought of how much you can save if you’ll opt for socks instead? Because he/she is still a baby, he/she doesn’t need that leather-looking footwear yet. Instead, you can buy cute socks in various characters and designs. This will not only be a money-saver but it’s indeed more comfy.