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How to Save Money on Christmas

How to Save Money on Christmas Photo


It’s Christmas season once again and everyone is excited. Some can’t wait to accept their gifts and some has got their hands itching on spending a lot of money. The spending impulse is epidemic once again and everyone is in danger of shelling out big bucks.

So, what happened to your pockets last Christmas? Did you learn something out of overspending or do you need to learn more? If you want to continue the tradition of gift giving without the hurting, then you should continue reading this.  I’ll be giving you five steps on how you can save money for the Christmas season.

1. Make a budget and stick to it

Shopping on impulse is popular during Christmas season. This can surely empty your wallets and cut your funds down to zero. Many shops have spent time thinking of a charm which can activate people’s spending impulses. To counter their spell, all you need is a pen and a piece of paper.

Make a list, check it twice, and find out what is ghastly and nice. After jotting down names with their gifts and the budget, stick to it.  Just make sure that the names are complete to save yourself from making a baby cry.

2. Take advantage of credit card promos

As many people would say, credit cards have many disadvantages. Yes that is very true, but it is not the case as always. Credit cards can help you out with their 0% and installment promos.  If you don’t want to pay in lump sum, now is the right time to make use of your card.

These 0% installment promos are subject for the approval of the credit card company.  This means that, you have to settle all your card bills before you can avail for the promo. You can ask your bank for other details on how to avail for these kinds of services.

This can help you save money by not spending everything at once. Just make sure that everything you buy using your card is still within your budget. Lastly, please don’t spend your cash. Save it for the credit card payment or you can make it grow while waiting for the bills to come.

3. Search for the cheapest place to purchase gifts

Gifts are not supposed to be expensive because it is Christmas. Remember, it is not the value of the gift that matters. Also, you can get good stuffs in a very low price by visiting some places:

  • Clearance Outlets
  • Online Outlet Stores
  • Garage Sales
  • Amazon and Ebay

4. Make your own

Another thing to remember is that good things are not always being bought from store. Also, everything can come out beautiful and presentable with just your bare hands. If you know that you are good on crafts and arts, why spend money on buying stuffs? You can make your own Christmas decorations and gifts and save a lot more.

5. Don’t be a retail snob

Always remember that you should not shell out big bucks for things that are not needed. One example of this is buying branded goods believing that it is Christmas and we need the best. Children don’t value your gift based on its price while adults can be too happy as long as you have something for them. This tip should help you save money and experience the joy of giving at the same time.