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How to Save Money on Electricity

How to Save Money on Electricity PhotoIn 2008, the United States generated 3,806,611 GWh from fossil fuel-fired plants. And of this mammoth consumption, only 33% was efficiently used, meaning 7,613,222 GWh were wasted.

Electric bill is in top 2 of things that suck up your monthly salary. You spend thousands to pay for your bills.

Everyone wants to have lower electric bills. Here are some tips on how to save your money from getting electrocuted without compromising comfort.

Embrace nature

The gift of nature is just around us waiting to be utilized.

If you’re not in a hurry, you can just hang your clothes to dry under the heat of the sun instead of using the dryer. Or if the wind is blowing strong, you can turn off the fan and just open the windows to let the breeze come in.

Find alternative ways to do your tasks that will lessen the use of electricity.

Turn off the lights

Simple yet forgotten most of the time.

Unplug devices when not in use

Turn off and unplug appliances that are not in use. Even if they’re turned off but are still plugged in, they still suck electricity out of your socket.

If you’re not using anything, pull it out of the socket.

Use CFLs

CFLs are more power efficient and has longer lifespans compared to incandescent bulbs.

Buy energy efficient devices

When buying appliances or other things run by electricity, look for those with the Energy Star logo. These products have passed the energy saving standards of the EPA and the US Department of Energy.

Buy appliances with the right size

Don’t buy a huge air conditioning unit if you’re just going to put it in a small room. Buy one that’s suitable for its size.

Buying an appliance that is not proportional to its purpose will just be a waste of resources.

Use blinds or curtains

To prevent too much heat from coming in, close your blinds or put on the curtains to block direct sunlight.

You can also try changing your windows with those that have special coating on them. These windows block most of the heat but allow sunlight to pass through.

Use appliances to their full capacity

Maximize the use of your appliances. If you’re going to use your clothes washer, put a number of clothes in it at once. You don’t do it one at a time.

You can save energy by maximizing an appliance’s capacity.

Sign-up for energy programs

Check if your electricity provider offers this program. A program like this lets your service provider handle the power use of eligible appliances.

What they do is they install a device that can turn on or off your appliance at the times you enlisted. If you’re appliance is accepted, you can get some rebates on your next bill.

Use air-conditioning limitedly

If it’s not too hot, you can just use fans to save tons of energy.

When using the air-condition unit, make sure that all gaps in the room are sealed so that cool air would not escape. Prevent direct sunlight from seeping through your window when the unit is on.

Regularly clean your filter monthly. There are also permanent filters so you won’t need to buy one every month.

Consider renewable energy

There are other sources of energy other than electricity. If you have some money, why not invest in solar panels. They are effective power-savers and earth-loving devices.

  • http://controlissblinds.co.uk/wood-blinds Molly Rosewell

    Issues of energy saving is becoming rampant. Your tips are very helpful in keeping our electricity bills as low as possible.