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How to Save Money on Flights

Travelling is one of the most eye opening experiences you can have. There is nothing that will make you feel more alive than setting foot in unfamiliar lands and soaking in the sights and culture.

But alas, traveling is still considered an expensive luxury by many. But what most seasoned travel enthusiasts know is that it doesn’t have to be. Countries such as Spain and  Singapore report that more than a fifth of all tourists in their countries travel using budget airlines.

With the popularity of budget airlines and budget hotels, almost anyone can travel for cheap. But don’t expect first class amenities, saving money on flights would mean that you have to focus on what’s important: getting to where you want to go.

Put that internet habit to good use

It’s the 21st century, and the rule is there is always a better bargain lurking a couple of websites away. So don’t click on the first budget flight you see. Take the time to canvas, canvas, canvas.

Bookmark websites and forums where travelers share which airlines are worth the most bang for their buck. Ask questions on what the best times and best places to travel to are.

Be prepared to do the math too. More often, connecting flights that require inconvenient plane switches are a lot cheaper than the ones that go non-stop. So try to compute for the cost of the different options you have, and go for the cheapest one.

Travel light

Overweight luggage is one of the most common reasons why travelers go overbudget. So learn to live without a hairdryer or five extra pairs of shoes.

If you can, try to travel with carry on baggage only. This is a whole lot cheaper since baggage allowance is a sizable chunk of your plane fare too. You can say goodbye to lengthy baggage queues too!

According to a study done by Flight Center as much as 1% of all the baggage checked in is lost on a daily basis. Now you never have to worry about the plane misplacing your luggage at all.

Travel during off season

People have set traveling patterns and airline companies are on to this. So don’t expect to find cheap plane tickets to Germany if you’re traveling for Oktoberfest. Ditto also when it’s semestral break and college kids are going booking happy with their vacation destinations.

Try to travel during the offbeat times. You can bet that not a lot of people want to go to summery tourist traps when it’s the rainy season. So be an expert in determining off peak travel months and take advantage of these opportunities.

Have a set intinerary

Don’t waste your money on rebooking charges or missed flights. Having a strict itinerary to adhere to will save you a lot of money because you know exactly what flights to book and when.

This would also make it easier to look out for deals since you already have all the information and documents on hand.

Sharpen your clicking skills

Airlines are notorious for holding flash sales on their flights. So it is wise to sign up for their websites before hand so you can be informed once there are flights that will be discounted soon.

However be prepared for some stiff competition. A lot of seasoned travelers are also vying for the same flights you are. Make sure you beat them out by knowing exactly what you want and having a quick back up flight in case the first one is fully booked already.

Buddy up with a travel agent or any of the airline personnel

Insider information is gold in the airline industry. So make friends with a travel agent or two and patiently wait for him or her to slip you some information of which flights are good deals.

Don’t derive the flight crew or the ground personnel of your charming personality either. These people have the power to make your flight very easy if they like you.

So wink at that cute stewardess and she might even slip you an extra blanket or a snack or two, free of charge.

Be ready to inconvenience yourself!

Cheap flights almost always spell out inconvenience. So save yourself from the heartbreak and don’t expect first class service.

Be prepared with your own snacks and in flight entertainment because there might not be a personal TVs or bottle service on board. Better yet, just occupy yourself with the thought of your gorgeous destination, and you’ll almost forget the lack of leg room or the cramped seating arrangement.

  • http://travelingforfun.yolasite.com/ Mike Rivers

    If you use multiple flights you will save a lot. For eg… instead of taking a direct flight from New york to Paris, you can instead take two flights one from New york to an intermediate destination and from there to Paris… it will save you a lot.