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How to Save Money on Food

How to Save Money on FoodFood is one of the basic needs of a person and food is always the first on our list whenever we go out to shop. This particular necessity can be a lot cheaper than anything else but if you didn’t shop for it wisely, you could end up spending too much and way beyond your budget.

Did you just find that you are spending a lot of money on food only? It must be due to poor control in spending and in craving. To save money on food, the word that you have to remember is control, along with the following steps that will come in handy.

Know how much you spent for food

You can check the grocery receipts for the past month. Include those that you have spent in a restaurant and in fast food no matter if you eat out because of an occasion. Don’t forget to add those pizza delivery receipts. Add them all up and come up with the total. Set aside the total amount and you will use that to determine whether your strategy for saving money on food is effective. This will run in a month and if it worked, you must do it consistently.

Learn on how to cook

To avoid purchasing from fast food and restaurants, expand your knowledge about different recipes. Learn to cook meals with cheap but healthy ingredients. The more recipes you know the better. Try learning 15 new recipes that you can cook for the whole month.

Plan your meals

Now that you have knowledge about different recipes, the next thing would be planning the meals that you will prepare for the whole month. Write a list of these recipes and don’t forget to write down the ingredients that you would need to have them cooked. Stick to the list whenever you shop for goods. If there is an important occasion, cook as much as possible. If you can’t help but eat out, then share meals for those who are dating or split the tab.

Resist the temptation

Strictly no more pizza deliveries, fast foods and eating out while you are trying to save money. Pack your own meals especially if the food in your cafeteria is not for free and expensive. Learn to process sweets or buy cheap alternatives for the chocolates that you usually buy. Respect the leftovers and make a new meal out of it for the next day. If you have plans to diet, now is the right time to do it.

Make veggies and fruits

If you have a backyard with enough space, use it for planting vegetables and fruits. Make a research about the veggies and fruits that can live in your backyard and those that grows easily. Buy seeds, cultivate the soil, water every day and harvest them on the right time. This is how you can cut down your shopping list to a shorter one.

Know how much you spent after trying all this

Collect the receipts from when you started on saving money for food. Add and come up with a total. Once you have arrived with a sum, deduct it from the previous month. The bigger the difference, the better as it only means that the strategy is effective.

Saving money on food can lead to a lot of benefits. Aside from potentially increasing your emergency or savings funds, you can also learn a lot of things from having this kind of discipline.