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How to Save Money on Gas

How to Save Money on Gas Photo


Oil prices continue to soar, making life harder for every one of us. Several industries and agencies continue to search for alternatives to burning fossil fuels.

As a car owner, you want to save as much money as you can on your fuel consumption. There are several ways to do that and below are some of them:

Cheap refilling stations

Some gasoline stations offer cheaper fuel rates depending on its location. Look for these sites to save more money on fuel.

Small players in the oil industry also offer cheaper rates. Be sure though that they’re credible fuel dealers and they offer quality products.

Look for discounts

Discount coupons are also accepted in may gas stations. Look for them in grocery stores and coupon websites online.

Some loyalty rewards program might also be tapped for refilling discounts. Ask if your station offers gas rebates when you use your credit card for payment.

Drive economically

Abruptly stopping and suddenly speeding up eats more gasoline than you think. When approaching a stop, slowly decelerate until you reach a full stop.

Maintaining a constant speed is the most fuel efficient way of driving. Most cars have varying speeds to achieve optimal fuel economy but the average is about 55-60 mph. Gas mileage decreases the moment you get past the optimal speed.


Adjust the air-condition level according to the outside temperature. If it’s already cold outside, just turn off the air-con or set it to the lowest. If it’s too hot outside, setting your air-condition to “Max” will take a toll on your engine.

If possible, just turn off the air-con, roll down the windows and let the breeze cool your feeling.

Shorter warm-ups

Warming the engine is necessary – for engines made 25 years ago. Engines using fuel injection technology gradually warms up as you use them. A minute or two for heating up the engine would be more than enough to crank up.

Regularly tune-up your engine

Have your engine checked regularly. Ensure that all parts are working properly; well-tuned cars burn gas more efficiently.

Inflate your tires

Check your tires if they’re correctly inflated. You can improve gas mileage by 3.3% according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Underinflated tires also inflict a higher chance of getting into an accident according to DailyTech.


Discard junk from your trunk. Those extra pounds make it harder for the engine to start moving. Thus, the engine will sip more fuel to get extra energy to lift the cargo. Also, avoid carrying items on top of the car’s roof.

Pick the right vehicle

If you’re just going to use your car for city driving, then get one that’s apt for the purpose. A lot of manufacturers are making fuel efficient vehicles nowadays. You should look for the gas mileage of a vehicle before getting one.

A V12 engine roaring in a busy street would be quite a scene, don’t you think?

Plan your trip

Going to the market every now and then just because you always forgot to buy something is obviously not economical and practical. List down all errands and do them in one trip.


Just, don’t use your car.