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How to Save Money on Hotels

How to Save Money on Hotels PhotoStaying in a cozy hotel seems like a dream for many because of the money it’ll take to do so. Some only get the chance to do so during business trips and all-expense paid seminars.

The thing is, you really don’t have to spend so much money in order to lodge in a hotel room. You can stay for reasons like vacation trips or just the sheer experience of staying in a hotel room and yet save money from doing so.

Here are a few tips on how to save money if you plan on staying a hotel for a day or two.


Nothing beats budgeting in the arena of money-saving ways. Estimate how much you’re willing to spend on lodging and choose a suitable hotel for your stay. You’ll be able to gauge the costs and set a limit for your spending.

Be part of an organization

Many hotels have clubs for frequent lodgers. They offer discounts and special promos to club members. If you’re always on a business trip, it would be wise to try applying to these clubs.

Hotels also provide certain discounts for being affiliated with known clubs or nationally recognized organizations.

Plan your stay

Proper preparation can have a significant impact in saving money on hotel lodgings.

Do a research on hotels that offer deals that will suit your needs and budget. Search if there are freebies like free drinks and breakfast, amenities like wi-fi, swimming pools or bar, and other things that you think should be available to make your stay worth it. Call directly the hotel for possible special offers.

Study if the location is near your actual destination; look if there are stores or other nearby establishments so you can have some other place to go if you want to. You can save on transport fares if they are close to each other.

Stay during off-season

As much as possible, don’t stay in a hotel during peak season. Prices tend to be higher because of the demand and you get to contend with a crowd of customers during this time of the year.

Rates are lower if it’s off-season and you can relax and enjoy your stay more, away from the bustling crowd.

Stay as a group

Reserving a blocks of rooms can get you discounts from your hotel if you know how to negotiate. Most hotels offer reduced prices if a group will occupy a number of rooms for days.

This is a practical option if you’re having a large reunion or attending a seminar that’s held for a week. If you and your friends have businesses in the same vicinity, why not try to stay as a group and lodge in a hotel to get discounts?

Do early bookings

Booking early can avail you discounted prices on lodging and other services.

You can get as much as 15% discount if you book for 14 days or more in advance. Book 7 days in advance and get 10% off your lodging bill. Discounts vary across different hotels so make sure you ask in detail about these discounts before booking.

Take note that the more discount you get the more conditions apply to your bookings. You’ll likely to pay upfront rather than at checkout to ensure that you will not cancel your reservation.

Use vouchers and discount coupons

Hunt for discounts online. There are sites like Hotels.com that provides great packages and deals for trips. Additionally, consider subscribing to sites like Groupon and Living Social for more coupons and vouchers.

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    Most of the time when I go for a vacation, I didn’t spend my money on lodgings or hotels but more on the adventures and food because when you go for a trip abroad, fun and adventure is more important than comfort.

  • Peter G

    Booking early will save a lot.I use websites to compare hotel prices like tripadvisor.com or hotelless.com or ring the hotel direct and ask can they beat the price you saw online.