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How to Save Money on Printer Ink

How to Save Money on Printer InkPrinter inks and cartridges are ridiculously expensive, and it’s such a downer to know that you have to purchase ink every now and then. Nevertheless, you can still save up if you just know the tips and tricks on how you can save money on printer inks. Yes, you heard that right. There are still ways to save money on printer inks even if it appears as the most you-cannot-control-me thing on earth. Read along this article and give yourself a good dose of facts worth remembering.

Buy from another store

It has been mandatory for many people to only purchase inks at the same store where they purchased the printer. Most people think that same ink and printer brand is the best tandem. On the contrary, buying from other sources can really mean no harm. In fact, it can help you save up without risking your printer or the documents you’ll print out. There are many stores that are selling more affordable inks and cartridges. You can purchase your next batch of inks on such stores instead of being ever devoted on your current brand.

Try a monochrome printer

Oh yes, I’m suggesting you to buy a new printer. You may think it’s the most expensive way of saving money on printer ink; it may even appear contradictory to the title of this article. Buying a monochrome laser printer will truly slash off a part of your cash but not as big as you spend on inks for a couple of months. A monochrome printer along with the relatively expensive toner cartridges will let you save a lot in the long run. Besides, such toner and printer can provide more prints than the typical ink jet cartridges anyway.

Print button

For those who love to surf online, it’s not unusual to find an article which calls for printing. If this is the case, you can benefit from the print button somewhere around the article. By clicking on this button, you’ll avoid printing unnecessary ads and banners around the article. If you’re still doubtful, you can select grayscale on the printer settings.

Green printers

Because of the fast evolving technology we have today, many printer manufacturers have released green printers which claim to help those who want to save some cash. These printers again may be expensive, but in the long run, you’ll surely save more than what you thought. Such printers are designed to be cost effective and use less ink than the typical printer without loosing the quality. With this buddy, what more can you ask for?

Print preview can do the trick

Let’s admit it; we don’t use the print preview button as much as we print documents. I myself am truly guilty of that. But I found out that this tiny button has a big role towards saving a good amount of cash. By proofreading your document and checking it on print preview, you’ll be able to see any mistakes or stuffs that call for tweaking. Unlike printing it immediately without checking and finding yourself annoyed with all the mistakes in the document. This leaves you with no choice but to make changes and eventually print again.