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How to Save Money with Grocery Coupons

How to Save Money with Grocery Coupons PhotoBudgeting is one way to save money. Using coupons is another. If used wisely, you can slash up to 50% off from your normal grocery bill.

Many people have been using coupons for years to cut their grocery bills. You can start saving more too by following these simple tips on how to use grocery coupons to your advantage.

Gather your coupons

There are several sources of coupons out there. Look for them in supermarket websites, manufacturer websites, and Sunday newspapers. There are also coupon racks in some stores that dispense discount vouchers as many as you need.

Many grocery stores also print coupons at the back of your receipt. Check this because they are often great deals you should grab.

There are also many online coupon sites that offer printable coupons. Be cautious however on fraudulent sites that might fetch sensitive information from your computer. Two rules to remember for online coupons:

  1. Coupons are free so you don’t have to pay for them
  2. Make sure that the coupon has a scannable bar code and an expiration date included.

Also, check if your store accepts printed coupons as few stores don’t.

Make a coupon folder

Organize your coupons accordingly. You can implement an existing system that others have used or you can create your own filing system, whichever suits you best.

Save for later

If you come across a coupon for an item that you normally use but you don’t need to buy it as of the moment, save it anyway. Put it in your coupon folder for future use.

Avoid over-clipping

Because something has an “$X dollars off” coupon doesn’t mean you need to buy it. Many shoppers have a hard time resisting the feel they’ll save money if they buy something discounted or on sale even if they don’t normally use that item.

Take this for example: You see a coupon for a bed sheet; you keep it and use it later because it says you’ll save $5 USD. But, you really don’t need it because you have 2 more extra sheets in your cabinet. Just compare saving $5 USD from unnecessary purchase against $20 for not buying the item at all.

Avoid clipping coupons on items you really don’t need. Just keep those that you regularly use.

Double coupons

How about getting twice the value off indicated in your coupon? Is that even possible?

Doubling coupons happens when the store doubles the price slashed off the item indicated on your coupon. This automatically triggers when you pay at the register.

Usually, this deal is available for those with loyalty/rewards card of their favorite store. Just remember to present your card before any transaction to make this deal count.

Stores will only double the discount up to a certain amount, so be strategic on how you’ll use your coupons. Furthermore, some stores will only double or even triple coupons on certain times of the week or month. Just ask them for further details on coupon policies.

Use it at the right time

Compounding coupons with a store sale can save you more money. Stock up on items that you commonly use when they hit a low price and then use your coupon to even save more.

Watch for price changes. Use your coupon when the item is at a lower price than its normal rate.