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How to Save More Money

How to Save More Money Photo


Saving finances can be a difficult thing to do nowadays. With the financial crisis most countries are experiencing, it can be a great challenge for us to save even a penny each month. Luckily, there are some hidden techniques which can effectively help us save a couple of dollars each month despite the monetary crisis. Interested? You never know, perhaps these tips will be effective on you.

Tip #1: Tracking your expenses neatly

Many financial experts have been stressing this tip for years and years already. Indeed, it’s an effective way to save your finances simply because you’re aware of what you’re spending it with. However, one common mistake of most people is that they don’t track it neatly. Jotting down your expenses is not enough. You should use software such as Microsoft Excel to adeptly list and track your expenses.

Tip #2: Limit your shopping hobby

If you’re fond of shopping for new stuffs every salary day, it’s advisable to be strict and hard on yourself. Shopping more often will obviously slash off a colossal amount off of your finances. On the contrary if you will discipline yourself and shop seldom, you’ll surely be able to save a lot.

Tip #3: Shop with coupons

Because it is difficult to instantly stop your shopping hobby, you can slowly quit it by using some coupons. Train yourself not to shop if you don’t have coupons and if you don’t need the item. This way, you can still purchase them item you want but at a lower price. If the coupon doesn’t match the product you want then there’s no way you can buy it. Strong self discipline is vital for this part.

Tip #4: Cut loose those bad habits

This refers to cigarettes and alcoholic drinks. If you just can’t live without these bad habits then there’s a very slim chance for you to save your finances. If you’re smoking 5 sticks of cigarettes each day and drinking 3 cans of beer, just think of its total amount due and how much you can save each week if you’ll quit it.

Tip #5 – Reduce your debt

Dealing with a debt can be very costly. The interest payment often eats away a big part on your savings making it more difficult to save up. The good thing is there are lots of ways to reduce your debt. Learning these and knowing the perfect technique will be of great help to save your finances.

Bottom Line

Saving money can be similar to dieting. It’s a “slowly but surely” process of a life-changing scenario. It’s something that most people think could be difficult or impossible, when in fact it’s just easy – if they only have enough self discipline. Whatever your goal is for saving up, the important thing would be to remind yourself about it every now and then. With this, you’ll surely stay on the right track without making things difficult. Learning how to be thrifty won’t happen overnight, so give yourself enough time and you’ll surely master it in time.