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How to Save On Water Bill

How to Save On Water Bill PhotoWater is a basic need for every living being. You regularly spend money for your monthly water bill. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to conserve water and cut on the cost you can spend in it every month.

Whether you are using the city supply of water which comes with a monthly bill to pay, or have your own deep well which uses electricity to pump the water, you can benefit   if you use water sensibly and avoid wastage. Here are some effective ways to conserve water and save on the bill.

Cleaning your home

Cleaning your home will involve using a great amount of water. If you do not take effective measures to minimize the use of water while cleaning your house, it will reflect on your monthly water payment.

Immediately wipe and clean spills on any surface. Leaving it for longer periods before doing the cleanup will cause the spill to dry up and be difficult to remove. It can further require the use of more water to completely clean the soaked surface. Also, it can spread over the entire surface if you don’t wipe and clean it right away.

Doing kitchen chores

Kitchen task basically involves constant use of water and take note that kitchen chores are everyday routines. Imagine how much you will be able to save in the long run if you take measures to conserve water in the kitchen.

  • Install aerators on the faucets. It will control and reduce the pressure of the flow of water that also affects your bill.
  • Operate the dishwasher machine only when it has a full load. You will be using the same amount of water regardless of its load. So make the most out of the water you will be using by maximizing the load of your dishwasher.
  • For dishes which you only use occasionally, place them in sealed containers or wrap them with plastic wraps to ensure that they remain clean and ready to  be used when you need them for future occasions. You can save a lot of water which you will be using if you don’t need to wash them again for the next occasion.

Showers and bathrooms

  • Turn off the shower while you soap. Use the shower sensibly when you are rinsing your body with soap. Also, turn it on just enough to wet your body before soaping. The same procedure can be used when you clean your hair.
  • When using the bathtub, fill it only with enough water you will need. Make sure that you have placed the stopper before you turn the water source on.
  • Used a glass to hold water while you brush your teeth. Keeping the faucet on while you brush means water going to waste.

Doing the laundry

Make sure that your washing machine has a full load before running it. This is an effective way to conserve water while you do the laundry.

With this practical ways to save water you will also save much on your water bill in the long run.