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How to Save Paper

How to Save Paper PhotoSave the world, save your mother land, save your environment, save the trees, save yourself and save money. Wouldn’t you believe that you can help conserve the big things by considerately using a small thing such as a piece of paper?

17 trees are saved from recycling a ton of paper. And, according to United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), recycling paper lessens water pollution by 35% and air pollution by 74%. If you have watched different environmental advocacies, you might have noticed that environmentalists are also putting a huge concern on the use of papers aside from plastics. The main reason is very simple: it will help conserve our mother earth.

Papers came from trees and if businesses keep on cutting down trees for a clean paper to use, we are prone to experience another huge catastrophe. It is time to make some actions and save that paper!

Make use of technology

Forget the post mails, paper bills, love letters, flyers and other communication practices which involve the use of papers. At this point of time, technology has invaded most of the country and there are a lot of ways developed for sending messages, bills and advertisements aside from using papers. Here are some of those:

  • For private or business messages, you can make use of email, text messaging and online chat.
  • For bills and other kinds of invoices or documents, you can make use of different word or image processing tools and attach it to an email.
  • For advertisements, aside from TV and billboards, you can make use of newsletters, YouTube or different websites.
  • For announcements, you can happily use Facebook for that. Take advantage and make some good use of the social media.
  • For notes and organizers, you can make use of your phones and computer

Reuse the paper

No matter what kind of paper it is, make the most out of it. Use the back of the paper for notes or drafts. For the used gift wrappers that you saved from your birthday or Christmas, you can make use of them again on wrapping another gift.

Make use of cloth or other tools

If your cute little poodle pooped, stop the habit of using a paper for scooping. Buy a dog poop scooper from a supermarket and use it instead. With this, you can reduce your household waste and you can mark a check on your real intention, which is saving papers.

Instead of using paper varieties, use a cloth. Always think that for every use of paper at your household, there is a match or them. It could be cloth napkin vs. paper napkins, cleaning rags vs. paper towels, reusable or washable dishes instead of paper plates, and others.

Be an advocate

Promote the different ways on saving papers. Share your knowledge on how to save paper or join different advocacy. You can also share this article to friends, partner, family, acquaintances, schoolmates and other Facebook friends to let them be a part of the advocacy.

We might be having ideas before that it is fun to use papers on different things. But now we know that it isn’t anymore, thinking that its production contributes on the damage that our environment receives every day. So save that paper and share this knowledge. Be proud on being a responsible inhabitant.