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How to Say No to Your Boss

How to Say No to Your Boss PhotoRegardless of your job or what you do for a living, there will surely be a time when you will need to say NO to your boss. This can be an unpleasant and a tense situation, especially if you haven’t done it in the past. This can even result to losing your job if things get worse.

However, there’s nothing to be afraid of if you mean to say NO. As long so you know how to deliver it right then there will be no problem with that.

State a good reason

Because he is your boss you want to deny, it’s a lot trickier. That is why you should have a good and a compelling explanation on why you’re saying NO.

You should also talk to your boss about it in the most professional way you can, to make him feel that you’re dead serious. A good reason does not have to be a long speech; it can be as honest, concise and straight to the point.

If you feel it, say it

Every time a new project or liability is given to you make it a habit to reflect on things and determine if you can actually do it. This way, you can say NO to your boss earlier before things get more complicated.

If you’re already halfway on the project and you suddenly said no, do you think your employer can find someone credible enough to take your place immediately? Perhaps, not.

Being honest can go a long way

If you think the demand is out of your job description, stand firm and talk to your boss about it. Whatever thoughts and emotional concerns you have towards a certain request, you should open it up to your boss.

This is to make him understand why you’re saying no. If you will remain on saying “I have my personal reason sir” then he will probably think you’re just lazy, he might even fire you if this happens.

Use the right words

You may have the right to say NO, but you don’t have the right to say trash words. Be sure that you use only the right words and that you talk in the right tone.

Never raise your voice and use disrespectful terms unless you want to lose your job. It’s still preferable to be polite despite the thought you’re trying to convey.

Offer other options

If you cannot carry out a particular request, you can at least provide your employer other options to ease the situation. One example would be working on holidays.

If you were requested to work on Christmas, but you just can’t, it would be amiable if you can at least offer to work at home. This way, your boss will know that you actually care for the company.

Refusing your boss is not like refusing your mom when you were still a kid. This is something more professional; thus you should also learn how to deal with it the right way. In terms of work, this can be considered as the most uncomfortable situation that can ever happen. Nevertheless, to show what they feel is still every employee’s right.