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How to See Yourself as Others See You

How to See Yourself as Others See You PhotoCuriosity is human nature. Thus, it is common and prudent to be inquisitive about how other people see you. The more wisdom you have on this aspect, the less time you lie awake at night just wondering.

However, you may often hear some individuals say “I really don’t care what other people think of me”, may make sense. But let’s all admit it, humans are social creatures, and we need one another in order to be happy, to survive and feel accepted.

Bluntly ask about it

Never be afraid to ask a significant person in your life about it. Just see to it that this person is trustworthy and will be willing to give you the honest truth about how he or she sees you.

Asking another person is not something you should stop and do much, but it must be a signal for you to start with a more significant self examination.

Listen to what most people say

Obviously, people will only say things about you for a reason, especially if it is someone not close to you. And whatever they utter, positive or negative, will always be based on what they see. It may be manageable to just ignore what other people may say, but the most part of the story probably has a gain of truth for you.

When you give enough acknowledgement with what may be said about you, you then begin to identify what these stories are truly about.

See yourself in other people

You have to accept that other people are your mirror, in other words, other people reflect what you are. Either through riposte or in-kind reactions, it is your emotions, feelings or traits that other people reflected back at you.

For instance, you might feel disdain, loathe or show arrogance toward another individual, which make them feel that you treat them less seriously, you then ignore the fact that they will only do the same to you.

The person you detest

This may sound weird or even offensive on your part, but the person you detest is typically your perfect mirror. You may say that this is impossible because you think that the other person is the one carrying out the unwanted behavior, but this only blinds you from realizing that you only locked yourself away from the behavior that you haven’t learned to deal with inside you.

It is also said that “people who are very much alike often detest each other on sight”.

Assess your experiences

Determine experiences wherein you haven’t primarily opened up any of your intentions, or even communicate with your mirror, yet they just surprisingly perceived it even if they weren’t able to push your buttons. That being said, those persons have inevitably felt the same about you as you feel for them, meaning that behavioral twins can sense each other in the merest actions.

No matter what reflections you learned about how other people see you, what matters most is your willingness to commit yourself for improvements (for negative thoughts), and how will you continue on doing such good acts (for positive feedbacks).