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How to Sell Used Books Online

How to Sell Used Books Online Photo


If you suddenly found yourself jobless, one easy way to earn some bucks would be to sell your old stuff. If you’re a bookworm, then those books you won’t be needing might give you a kick start towards your selling career. Or it can simply sustain your needs for a couple of days ’till you find a new job. Either way, selling used books online also has a fair share of tips.

Tips and Tricks To Sell Used Books Online, Successfully

Learn To Segregate

Save yourself from earning bad reviews by segregating your books. People may have a bad impression on all your items if they would see books at reasonable prices but in an unreasonable condition. Segregating allows you to determine which should belong in which price bracket.

Keep ‘EmInThe Best Condition

If you plan to continue your online book selling career then you should maintain the condition of your new books. Piling them neatly instead of maintaining a table of scattered books is a lot better. Books that look good as new can always be sold at a higher price.

Check For Current Prices

Every now and then, it’s a healthy hobby to indulge yourself with the current prices. This way, you will know if you need to lower your price or what. Luckily, the internet is full of reliable sources that can keep you up to date.

NOTE: this tip is a stress to every seller. It’s a common mistake that people sell books without keeping them updated.

Don’t Focus On One Website Only

Aside from not checking the prices, another mistake of most people is that they often focus on one website only. If you want to sell those books faster,  better post them on many websites. This way, more and more people can view them. But be sure to keep the prices similar.

Amazon and eBay are two of the best websites to sell your used books. In fact, pretty much anything that is used and new.

Write The Right Description

Aside from the photo of the book, its description is the next vital part. Those that have little or no description are less likely to be sold immediately. Keep in mind that the description is not the summary of the story, nor the entire story itself. It’s just a bunch of sentences written to give viewers a hint of how good that book is.

Does Proper Selling Approach Have Something To Do As Well?

If you’re searching online for tips to successfully selling those books then you have bumped into phrases like “learn the proper approach” or “spice things up with a different approach.”

This simply means that you need to have a unique approach to your viewers. And indeed, it has something to do with your selling. Pretty much, it plays a big role. The approach can be in small matters such as providing snippets from the book. This way, readers will be more interested in how the story goes.

Another would be to give freebies. Who hates freebies anyway? You can also give discounts if they bought 2 or more books. The approach is somewhat like a marketing strategy, only in a milder way.

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