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How to Sell Yourself in a Job Interview

How to Sell Yourself in a Job Interview Photo


Preparing for a job interview is the key on getting through it successfully. To sell yourself to any employee, you need to know what they are searching for. Conduct a thorough research about the company, know the job vacancy and start preparing.

Things you need to prepare

  • Extra copies of resume with photo included
  • List of strengths
  • Some details about your previous jobs
  • An introduction
  • Business attire

After making sure that the above things on our list are present, check yourself and ask if you are ready. Get plenty of rest before the interview and relax. You haven’t done anything bad yet for the company, so don’t get nervous.

Make first impressions

Act confident and friendly, be prompt, make good eye contact, a firm handshake and smile a lot. Wear a professional looking dress for your interview. Sit properly and think that you will only be having a friendly conversation. Only this time, you will be talking about business.

The interviewer will always start the conversation. She will ask you for a bit of introduction about yourself so be ready about it. Wear your confidence and speak clearly.  Tell a little something about yourself, your background and skills that would match your strengths to the job. If you were able to deliver a good introduction, it is one good point in favor you.

Know what they want and be the solution

One important question that you should have in mind is, “how to make the interviewer refer you for hiring?” The answer to this would be very simple. You should know and focus on what they want and then offer yourself to them as the solution.

Companies fill in a position because they want to solve their problem. Your goal is making them realize that it is you that they need immediately after discussing your strengths. You can add a sound bite to support your strengths. To come up with it, ask yourself, “What is the best thing I did on my previous job?”

Also, prepare answering some questions about your resume. The interviewer might ask questions about it and your cover letter.  Take advantage of it and discuss more about your other skills, awards and praised you received on your previous work.

Things to avoid

Here are some things that you should avoid:

  • Avoid bringing up negative things that happened. You may feel good to talk something bad about your previous job but it won’t sound good to the interviewer
  • Do not trash your previous boss
  • Pretend to know something that you don’t. If you are not sure or have no idea about the answer, inform the interviewer about it.
  • Avoid nonverbal response such as nods and hand gestures

Ask questions

After the interview, you can ask about the next step. Ask about when you will be informed of the result and whether you will receive a call from a human resources staff.  Now all you have to do is wait and be ready for the results.

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    Nice tips, First impression is important. You always want to look your best so they will remember you and not be turned off. v