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How to Set Career Goals and Aspirations

How to Set Career Goals and Aspirations Photo


Very few people sleep to wake in a dream job that will enable them to meet their career goals. For most people, they have to work up (and down) their career as the attempt to meet their career goals and aspirations.

However, no matter where you are in your career, it is possible to set and attain career goals provided you plan.

1. Start now!

The best time the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago; the next best time is now!! In addition, if you wait for everything to be perfect, absolutely everything to be perfect; you will never begin!!

More often than not, people feel like they do not have time to set goals. Be encouraged to begin today; you cannot change the past but at least you have a say in your future.

2. Evaluate where you are

Take a paper and write down all the characteristics that represent your career at this point. These characteristics include: academic qualifications, income, or how far up the ladder you are.

On the other half of the paper, write down where you want to be.

3. Conceptual and operational goals

Your career goals should be divided into 2: conceptual and operational goals. Conceptual goals represent goals that are broad in nature and defined as ambitions, interests and values.

On the other hand, operational goals are practical steps that will take you to conceptual goals.

In other words, conceptual goal is your destination while operational goal is your road; both are important. Setting career goals is to be done backward.

First focus on where you want to be after a certain period of time then create a road from the goal to where you are now.

4. Time

Goals without time lines are just wishes. In terms of time, divide your career aspirations into long-term and short-term goals.

Long-term goals are to be achieved in 5 years while short-term ones can be achieved in even a week.

In both cases, you have to realistic in setting time. In theory, if you are not able to meet your short-term aspirations; you will not achieve long-term aspirations.

5.Be realistic

The most common reason what people do not meet their career goal is because of not being realistic. At the time of setting the goal, judgment is often clouded by feeling and the need to achieve.

However, as time goes by, you find that the goal is not really achievable or at least not achievable in that time period.

Not setting realistic goals is set up yourself up for frustrations and discouragement.

6. Take a shower of motivation regularly

Accurately set goals are often not achieved due to lack of motivation.

It is often said that motivation is like a shower, you need one every day or at least every so often.

7. Evaluation

Another difference between a goal and a wish is that a wish in hardly evaluated. You must set specific date that a goal will be evaluated. Daily goal can be evaluated at midday.

Monthly goals are evaluated after about 2 week. Evaluations motivate you and guide you on what really needs to be done to achieve the goal.