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How to Set Up a Fundraising Event

How to Set Up a Fundraising EventFundraising events are the most popular types of events arranged. Even though they bring in a huge amount of money for the event organizers, they can consume a great amount of time and money as well. To be able to have a successful event, careful planning is required. Here are some of the major components that your event should have:


Before you can even start with acquiring all the materials that you will need, you have to determine the purpose of your fundraising event. Would this really be an event for fundraising? Does your event have other goals? You have to consider this carefully since there are some events where fundraising may happen, yet their main motive is to gain publicity or to reach out to another network. Determining the event details will let you acquire your desirable goals.


When setting up for a fundraising event, you have to decide as to how much money you would want to accumulate even though you have to collaborate with the organization staff, host committee and the key fundraisers. If this is meant to be a fundraising event, then your plans will gear towards your goal of earning the amount of money you intend to. The plan that you choose should be the amount of money that you hope to achieve.


Every event for fundraising should have a planned budget listing for the entire expenses that would be needed in holding the event. This would most likely include the invitations, staff, catering, space rental, transportation, entertainment, utilities, security and all other things that will be needed for the event. You should know that the budget should take your fundraising goal into account and make sure that you raise the amount you target. You also have to make sure that you have a spare budget in case there are unforeseen costs.


Your fundraising event would most probably have a host committee and a few host committee chairpersons. These people would be liable for the contribution of the substantial amounts of your fundraising event. They are also responsible for encouraging other people to do similar things. These hosts would usually be composed of wealthy donors, local celebrities and business leaders. These people are not responsible for running the event; however, they would make sure that you can reach your goals.

Target audience

Determine who would be the target audience for your fundraising event. Would this event be open for everyone? Would you rather gear this event towards business people, young professionals or parents? Decide who you would want to invite in your fundraising event.

Set up

When planning for your fundraising event, you should include how you would want to set up your event in advance. This would include the basics in holding an event such as the place where it would be held, the food you want to serve, the kind of attire required, the entertainment and the itinerary for your event.


Even if you do not need a full review of the things you will be doing during the event, it would be better to let the people who are involved in the event to know ahead of time about the responsibilities that they need to take. Inform them about the flow of the event, where they need to be and more. Make sure you will be running your event smoothly.