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How to Solicit Feedback

How to Solicit Feedback PhotoIn the business world, feedback is a very important factor that can contribute to the success of every company. As a business owner, you should ask feedbacks in order to know the different aspects of the company that needs improvement. This is also helpful in determining if you are doing well as a leader.

This article is made to give you the different useful ideas that can help you in soliciting feedback. The ideas presented below are classified according to the type of business you have.

Purpose of the feedback

To start, you have to determine your objective in soliciting feedbacks. Are you soliciting for a product, a service, or a performance? This step must be done before going to the next in order for you to determine the strategy that is fitted for the selected population.

Online questionnaire

If you want to know what your customers are saying about the product you are selling, send them questionnaires via mail. Before that, make sure that the questions you will be using are strongly significant in rating the importance and features of the product that you are selling. You can ask the help of an expert when it comes to this. This strategy is effective when you are selling a product.


Another strategy that can help you in soliciting feedback is calling. This is effective when you are providing services. You can call the customer after the service is delivered and ask about the performance of the employee who assisted him. You can also ask their initial reaction with the service or product delivered to them. You should be doing this in order to know if employees are performing well and the quality of the product you are selling is good once it is used.

Onsite interview

This is a very common strategy used by service providing companies. You can conduct an on-site interview in order to make sure that the feedback you will get is authentic. In restaurants, this is the usual technique they use. The supervisor will approach a random customer who is done dining and asks if it would be ok for him to ask for feedback. To make this effective, you can make a 5-item questionnaire answerable by yes or no and let the customers answer it. This will only be taking few minutes.

If you want to ask for feedback from your customers and clients, you must have a department that will handle it. You can hire someone who can make an effective strategy and someone who will be facilitating the interview or survey. You should also make sure that the survey would not be taking too long in order for you not to appear as nuisance to the clients.

The importance of feedback is undeniable; it is pretty helpful in your supervisory job. You must be conducting it once in a while in order to measure the services that your employees provide and the quality of the products that you are selling.