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How to Spot a Predator

How to Spot a Predator PhotoPredator and a stalker is somewhat the same. They follow and hunt a person so that they can obtain something. The most popular predator at this time is a child predator. They chase a child to kidnap to sell the child’s organ and others are sex predators . These predators are anywhere and in order for you to be safeguarded, you should know how to spot and identify them.

Be vigilant

All of us want to be happy and safe.But don’t get too excited. You need to pay extra attention to your surroundings. Be vigilant. Know people around you and don’t talk to strangers. If you don’t know that person, never ever talk to them longer that they can take advantage of you. They might be harmful. You’ll never know.

Be conscious about what they say

Someone might catch your attention and chat with you. They may sound good at first but as time goes by when you don’t like what you are hearing anymore, feel free to run and get away from them. They can be predators and you might be their prey.

They want to be your friend

The truth is, if we are not comfortable with someone we’re not familiar of, that will be a sign that you need to get rid of that person. Predators want to be your friend. At first, they will impress you. But if you get close with them, they will think that you already trust them.  Beware. You might be on a trap.

They are anywhere

Don’t forget that predators can be anyone. They can be any age, gender or race and they can be anywhere. They can be in school, in your office, your neighborhood and even inside your house. Because social media is very popular right now, almost everyone has Facebook and Twitter account. You need to choose your friends and who to follow.

How to spot a predator may not be as easy as A, B, C or 1, 2, 3. But if you just know how to be wary of their presence and you take extra care of yourself and your loved ones, you will be safer this time. By keeping a careful watch for possible dangerous or difficult situations, you further reduces the likelihood of an attack. It will be better as well if you know some self defense and you bring some tools that can help you get rid of them anywhere you go.