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How to Start a Beauty Salon

How to Start a Beauty Salon PhotoDo you have a passion for hair styling and putting on make-up? Perhaps a beauty salon is the perfect business for you. Surely, earning will be a lot easier if your job or business is something that you love, rather than something that’s just trending.

However, just like any other type of business, putting up a beauty salon also has its own set of steps. By getting to know it, you will be a lot closer to success instantly.

Earn a beautician license

Before you start thinking about the salon itself, you should first think about your license. It’s a great plus if your clients will know that they are being treated by a licensed beautician, and not someone who’s only after the payment. This will also serve as your key to more loyal customers.

There are lots of cosmetology schools out there. In just a couple of months, you’ll be able to earn a certificate of completion, which will be your ticket to taking a licensure exam.

Figure out the capital needed

Next is to determine how much money you’ll need to start the business. Technically, a beauty salon calls for a large cash pool. And aside from the space you’ll rent, you also have to purchase lots of salon supplies. Not to mention the salary of your employees for the first few months.

If you’re planning to provide extra training to ensure high quality service, you will also need to provide training allowances. You might want to consider a small loan if you don’t have enough funds.

Obtain a business license

Unfortunately, having a business means dealing with licensing and tax paying. This calls for red tape and lots of paper work. You should also ensure that all your employees are licensed beauticians, as well. This is still different from the typical business license and is mandatory in the United States.

You can visit the Small Business Administration site or call the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing for more information.

Choose your location

Once everything is set, the next step is to choose the right location. It’s best to have a salon in a high-traffic area. Busy malls and streets are good options, as well. Be sure that your location has its own parking space so that clients won’t have to deal with parking fees. It should also be spacious enough to entertain lots of clients at the same time.

Open and aim for customer satisfaction

Now, it’s time to open your salon officially. Keep the customers coming by aiming for their satisfaction all the time. Don’t charge colossal amount for your services, especially that you’re still starting.

You should also ensure that all employees give importance to cleanliness. Hair everywhere and an unexplainable stink will make customers look for another beauty salon.

With these helpful tips, and a good dose of persistence and dedication, you will surely build that beauty salon in no time. Keep in mind that every business is struggling at its first few years; thus, you should give value to your clients.