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How to Start a Drink Stand Business

How to Start a Drink Stand Business PhotoThe best way to earn during the summer is to create lemonade drink stands. But don’t people ever get tired of lemonade? In an era of many flavors and add-ins, isn’t it about time to have another drink stand? You don’t need to be a business graduate to start a drink stand business.

You only need to consider a few things first:


Location is everything in business, especially for small ones. Find the right location for your drink stand. The best locations are near schools, hospitals, and parks. Place it where a lot of people come and go in general.

If you plan on expanding, make sure there is enough space. Most importantly, ask the local government if you need a permit for your drink stand. Permits vary per location, so do your research well.


How many customers are you expecting in a day? Your expenses and supplies would depend on this heavily. Also, try to know what they want. Do a little survey and research. Do they want healthy fruit drinks, iced coffee or milk shakes? It doesn’t hurt to “go with the flow” and find mainstream drinks.

If you’re a little adventurous, and you don’t mind risking your drink business, you can try to introduce a new drink to the public. Or, you can try to sell something good but not mainstream. Just remember that people still need to warm up to new things, and it might take some time before you actually profit from it.


There’s also nothing wrong with studying your competition. Check if there are any drink stands around the area. Find out what they offer, and what they don’t offer. This could be a good gauge as well on what you need to sell, and the price you need to sell them if you want to lead the game.


Of course, your budget needs to be considered. In any business, you need a starting capital. If you’re a little tight, start off with something that requires little capital like lemonade or fruit drinks. If you can tie up with another person and you trust this person, then go ahead. You can also tie up with a company, but then you would be selling their products and not your own.


Keep a variety of drinks. Go crazy with your menu. If possible, include add-ins to your drinks like extra sugar, extra sprinkles, etc. If you’re starting out small, at least have bottled water and around 3-4 different types of drinks.

When you have a larger capital, widen your options and introduce new drinks. You can also now sell other things. A perfect example is food products that would go well together with your drinks.

A drink stand business is quite easy to manage, as long as you have considered these five things carefully. You could start as small as a fruit drink stand, but who knows? You might end up having your own drink business. Soon people will be franchising your drink stand, and you’ll be the boss of your very own drink company.