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How to Start a Food Catering Business

How to Start a Food Catering Business PhotoStarting a food catering business is one of the many ways in engaging yourself in the food business. Food businesses take up the highest percentage in the gross income of any country. Just the fact that people eat everyday is enough to know why there is much income in this business. There is a high demand for food catering business because of the constant social events happening here and there. It is not surprising at all if this is the most successful business under the food category.

Starting a food catering business should be thought about a million times. This needs a big capital even if you are just starting because a lot of things are to be bought and considered before engaging to the business. There are your servers, your utensils, dishes, tables and chairs to be taken into account. Other food catering business includes decorations in their services.

How to start a food catering business? Here are some simple steps to follow for you to be the next great food caterer in your town.

Taste test

If you are into cooking and baking and you think you are good at it and your family also says so then go public. It is good if people in your community are aware that you are into culinary. Join fairs and shows to promote your food and possibly, this is where it will all start. You can weigh if your food is a hit if it is sold out and people are asking for more.


Before jumping into the food catering business, apply first business permits in your state or local area. There are certain set of rules and guidelines to be followed for each kind of businesses. Some states requires sanitary permit if you are into food business.


This is where most of your budget goes to. There are so many things to be considered in this portion because you do not only need your cooking tools and dishes but you also need a vehicle to transport all your items. There are also the tables and chairs that are included in your service.


This is the most important thing of all. You must decide on what types of food you are serving. If you are a culinary chef, then you can serve food of different cuisines. Offer and serve a variety of food from meat to salads.


If you are ready to serve many people then advertise your food catering business not only in your community but around your state. You can use many types of advertising campaigns. Advertise online where you can definitely score a lot of costumers because this is where most people spend their time.

Starting a food catering business may be time- consuming and takes a lot of effort and capital. But if you handle your marketing well, it gives back a very good profit. It may be difficult at first but in the long run it will be an easy task. It is important than you list down everything you purchase even from a fork for easy liquidation.